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Sunday, July 29, 2012

A few months ago, I was contacted by Boronia Library, to do a talk on 'up-cycling your clothes', as part of a series of fashion and sewing related presentations. It's on next Saturday 4th August, here are the details.

Getting organised for such an event is tricky, where to start, what to talk about, how to fill my allocated time?  I prefer to speak off the cuff rather than reading from a written agenda.  However, a friend gave me a great tip which I've started working on, a bubble thought chart which will give me some guidence on the day

Readers, do you have any other words of wisdom you can give, to help prepare for a public talk?



MooBear Designs said...

Keep it simple... and remember to smile!

Hugs Steph

Agy said...

Have fun! What about mentioning how upcycling benefits the environment?


Stitchybritt said...

I thinking a balance of "inspiration stories" and practical take-away tips would be good. Help the audience to understand why they would refashion and them be sure to give them some websites etc they can visit as they're sure to leave all motivated and ready to refashion : )

Lilbitbrit said...

You do not want a written ridged script, but prompt notes on 3 x 5 cards, numbered and in sequence are always a helpful reminder and you will not omit something that you wanted to share.

Lil Bit Brit

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

Don't speak too quickly... Try and find examples from personal experience (some audiences find it more entertaining if they hear a personal story)... Try to remember tha main points and be concise (AKA trying not to ramble too much)... Good Luck :)

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

I like the bubble! As long as you know your stuff(and you do) the bubbles will jog you to cover the topics in a natural way. Good luck!

Stacey said...

I think the hardest thing about not having a "script" as such is making sure that you fill your allocated time - nothing worse than using all your ideas & realizing you have 10 minutes to stand around awkwardly until your time is up. I always like to practice loosely what I'm going to say, just to make sure I can fill the time slot. :)

Anonymous said...

Whatever happens make sure you hook them and get their attention in the first 5 to 10 seconds.This is really really important.

This might mean for example, wearing a coat and then starting to undress to reveal something startling or at least surprisingly lovely/grungy/colourful whatever. We know you in this blog but your audience wont know your credentials.

This might mean delaying your "thank you" and "it's nice to be here". Get their attention and respect and prove your credibility in the first seconds. That is start with high energy levels and "promise" in showing your products, or saying something surprising that they have something worth waiting for. Only after this do you bring the energy levels down and offer, if you want to, thanks and other routine boring things.

Remember it's Saturday morning and people have lots of other things they could be doing and will be going to later inthe day. This is regardless of whether they are mothers or fathers or young men and women. Don't waste their time with talk that doesn't matter. Keep focussed and on topic.

Don't plan to include too much imformation. You won't have time.

Your conclusion is important. Make sure you get them a "call to action". This will be one simple thing you can tell them to do after they leave here this morning. It might be as simple as "if you don't want an item of clothing and can't recylce it take it to Vinnies". Or it might be "Start of with a simple project like [you decide what] but for example " cut the sleeves shorter" "turn a dress into a skirt"... "but just get a pair of scissors and a needle and thread handy and go for it". Or "now when you leave this morning drop by Coles or Woolies and buy yourself a pair of scissors and some needles and thread". You decide but give them a simple instruction to get them started doing something or at the very least thinking about this topic.

Have fun

Decide whether you will take questions as you go or wait till the end. You MAY want to tell them that.

DO NOT say at any time you are not used to speaking in public. DO NOT complain at any time about the problems you had getting there this morning.

Save all your words to prove you are credible and worth listening to and have something that they can benefit from.


My words of wisdom are if you believe, then it will just flow. You will be talking about something that you are passionate about, so people will connect with your enthusiasm and energy.

Remember that the attendees will be there because they want to learn and you will be sharing your wealth of knowledge.

You will find support and encouragement in every corner of that room. I stumbled across the up-cycle flyer on the Boronia Library website. I also walked past the flyer on the Dorset Square noticeboard when I realised that the lady in the pics looked kind of familiar. Hmmm I said to myself....that is Erica Louise from Refashion Co-op.

Anyway, I was excited so I rang my friend Mandy the quilter and invited her to attend with me. She has always wanted to get into upcycling and refashioning so I thought that this was the perfect opportunity.

I am looking forward to it as I love the Refashion Co-Op Community but apart from hanging out online, I don't know of any other refashioners. wow, it is going to be energising hanging out with a roomful of like minded people.

For my friend Mandy, who is not yet a refashioner and others like her.....I would suggest that you have a lot of visual prompts. An array of your own refashions will help inspire people. Some tutorials that could be handed out would also be great for people to try at home.

It will be fun and informative. Very much looking forward to an inspirational Saturday morning of refashioning dialogue. Yay.

my thrifty closet said...

wow sounds really exciting. I would be all jittery. I think you will do a great job Erica. The bubble chart is a wonderful idea to gather your thoughts!


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for all of your advice and help. I appreciate it. Mezzy, I look forward to meeting you!


Well Done....Great Job...Thoroughly Enjoyable. Everything was gorgeous and I finally got to see the muu muu up close and it was just spectacular. Thanks again....very inspirational morning.

Unknown said...

Ah Mezzy, thank you! I really enjoyed this morning, it was great to see you and share some ideas

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