There's a hole in my jumper

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"There's a hole in my jumper, dear readers, dear readers, there's a hole in my jumper, dear readers, a hole"

 ..on a hand-me-down knit which I'm fond of.  It can't be donated to a charitable shop, and I dare not throw it out, so what should I do?  Whilst I am yet to work on my holey jumper repair, I am inclined to fix it, after a little inspiration from the WWW...

Add a metallic striped suede elbow patch.. 

..this was made using leftover suede from a purse Veronika (of tick tock vintage) made

Sew a lace elbow patch?

Looking at what Zoe (of So, Zo..) did with her Lace Yoke Sweatshirt Remake..

...could lace be added to holey jumper elbows?

Adding fabric flowers might be an idea...

..from Tatertots and Jello seen here

Maybe I should refashion the whole thing into a dog jumper?!  

Sorry, but  Gertie the dog, too cute not to share


Recycled vest doggy jumper tutorial seen here

Needle Felt Patches

Honestly WTF's DIY needle felted heart elbow patches..

 Replicated here, here and here

And speaking of needle felting, a friend, (and talented artist herself), introduced me to Lou Tonkin, and her beautiful jumper repair techniques.   Lou's work is absolutely magnificent, her repaired jumpers become delicate walking art work.





More of Lou Tonkin's exquisite work can be found here.  And if you're not inclined to try needle felting yourself, Lou Tonkin's jumper doctor service, means you could land yourself a beautiful piece of walking art too.

Sequinned elbows

As seen here

Creative elbow refashion possibilities prove endless.  I'll keep you posted..


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Vintage Coconut said...

Tons of great ideas in this post. =D
The puppy is ADORABLE!

Craftcherry said...

Such amazing ideas. I love the felted patches and the flowered cardi.

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

The sequined elbows are divine! And so is the doggie. Great ideas here.

Kate Moore said...

Damn. I wish I'd seen this post before my first needle felting efforts.

Sleekit said...

Oh I love the sequined elbows, great tips Erica

Sleekit x

Stacey said...

These are all great idea! I love the sequinned elbows & the hearts!

AdinB said...

I hope you get to fix it. :) Love the sequined elbows too. :)

Shakti Singh said...

I am very much amazed with that idea, i don't know any one belief me or not, i have not imagined it before. Now i use this idea to fix all my sweaters. Thanx

Unknown said...

Love Lou Tonkin's work! Thanks for showing us! said...

Oh my gosh this is a funny and familiar predicament! :) love all the options especially the sequined elbows!

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