Sunglasses Through The Ages

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Inspired by a photograph seen on Bluebird Vintage Perth's facebook page...'s blog post focuses on the evolution of sunglasses as a fashion accessory


French 1940s Men Aviator Sunglasses available to buy via ladouchka

Sunglasses for men and women, seen here


Colour changeable cat eye sunglasses seen here

Polaroid glasses ad seen here

Rhinestone White Cat Eye Sunglasses available to buy through Sorocco


Brown Tortoise Oversized Windsor Atomic Sunglasses available to buy through Sorocco

 Jackie O wearing her infamous oversized sunglasses as seen here


Cocoa Brown Italian Sunglass available to buy through Sorocco

Polaroid Sunglasses ad seen here


Madonna in Desperately seeking Susan

Squared Seashell Sunglasses available to buy through Sorocco

1980's Wayfarer Style as seen here


Round Red Lens 1990's Sunglasses seen here

90's Swatch sunglasses as seen here

Sergio Tacchini Tortoise Sunglasses available to buy through Sorocco

Oakley Sunglasses Ad 1995 seen here


Bono, Sheer Sunglasses as seen here

Rihanna, 2009, clear sunglasses (!?) seen here

David Beckham in Police sunglasses ad 2005 seen here

Burberry sunglasses ad spring/summer 2011 seen here

And finally, I had to share this one, Diesel's spring/summer 2012 eyewear ad..

Seen here

 Funny, yes?

What is your favourite style of eyewear? Do you shop for second hand sunglasses?



Patti said...

This is really fun to read, Erica, thanks! I've owned most of these looks at some point, and I still love the Jackie O's of course. Classic.

Peta said...

i can't go past a pair of ray bans ... i have wayfarers and now want some aviators

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