Book Review: Fifty Dresses That Changed The World

Saturday, June 2, 2012

What a surprise to find a book in the local library named Fifty Dresses That Changed The World, by  London's Design Museum. How can one resist a book with a picture of Audrey on the front cover?

The book takes us through the ages from Delphos pleated dress in 1915, through to Hussein Chalayan's LED dress in 2007.

One might argue that no single dress changed the world, and if you'd try and think of 50 iconic dresses during the past century, which would you expect to see?

Marilyn Munroe's Seven Year Itch dress?  Check.  

Incidentally, did you know, Marilyn's dress sold for 4.6million in 2011?  More here

Audrey Hepburn's little black dress (Hubert de Givenchy) as per front cover?  Check.  Others include Mary Quant's minidress. Paco Rabanne's metal disc dress, and Diane Von Furstenberg's Wrap Dress.

Without giving too much more of the book away, some other surprises include Issey Miyake's 1993, Pleats Please dress, Rudy Gernreich 1970's topless dress, and even Kate Moss for Topshop 2007 one shoulder dress.
Fifty Dresses That Changed The World would be the perfect coffee table piece, a conversation starter, and a fun read to discuss with friends.  An entertaining book to display, but one that should not to be taken too seriously.


(Recycled Fashion Finds will be back next week)

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