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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Many of us choose second-hand fashion over new for a number of reasons.

1) to save money
2) moral reasons (questioning the ethics of fashion manufacturing)
3) environmental reasons (to use and buy what is already in circulation)
4) the thrill of finding a bargain
5) preferring the fit or style of fashion from a bygone era

A blog post asking why we choose recycled fashion can be found here, (with a blog poll which is still live), however, the topic I'd like to cover today, focuses on the suggestion of whether one might follow an overall preference for frugal living, if one's choice is thrift fashion over new.

 Image c/o frugal for life

If an individuals' main reason to choose second-hand fashion is based on 1) to save money, it might be expected, they'd look at other ways to live a frugal life too; hunting out free coupons, discounts, vouchers, specials, and "BOGOF's" (the universal sales slogan of buy-one-get-one-free). 

Whilst thrift fashion is absolutely a priority over new in my own lift, I'm not really one to chase the coupon.  However, if a discount comes my way or a money saving offer is suggested, I'll be sure to take advantage. Loyalty card coffee stamps?  Sure! $10 movie deals at the cinema? Absolutely!  Money saved, is money earned.

Readers, as most of you are thrifty fashion lovers, I ask if you also look at ways to save money in other areas of your life?  Do you grow your own vegetables to save money on your grocery bill?  Do you search for coupon codes for future cost savings?  Are you a member of  frequent shopper loyalty card schemes which give you free or discounted products after you spend x amount of money?  Would you only eat out if you have a voucher or a BOGOF?!

For Canadian readers interested in coupon savings, there is a site called a sister website of MyVoucherCodes.Co.Uk, which could be a great reference site for coupon codes for Canada – click here.



Frugal Down Under said...

I buy second hand for a number of reasons. Savings, ethics, ecological and a bigger range of choice in styles.

To save money and be green I have also started to grow some produce, cook more from scratch, bike more, use free cycle. I also look for free or inexpensive movie tickets and cheap voucher deals for Pizza online. Best of all I try and keep my entertainment free by keeping my eye out on all the FREE Fun stuff in my community.

These all save me a lot of cash and will help me get to an earlier retirement.

AdinB said...

Since little I am used to buying seondhand or pre-owned (to fancy it up a bit) clothes and to me it definitely is a thrill to find something that you know no one else is going to wear the same thing you are wearing. Or it's very rare to find someone wearing the same clothes that you just thrifted, especially if you find vintage clothing. I love it because I can look good without having to spend a fortune. Definitely saves money. I don't remember the last time we went shopping at the mall anymore. We are also raising chickens in hoping to have our own organic fresh eggs and we also have a huge garden in our backyard. :) Since we don't go out to eat all the time, I cook everyday. :) And whenever I get coupons from magazines or something, I keep it and use it whenever I shop. :) When I shop online I also like to check for any discount or promotion code to save a bit of money. I am cloth diapering my second baby and definitely an investment that I know will save us some money and also making my own wipes. hahaha... I know! I also like to walk to the store pushing a stroller with my kids whenever the weather is beautiful. Saves money for gas and good workout! These things help us a bit. :)

Zoe said...

I really love a bargain. It feels so much more satisfying when you have got your meal cheaper with a voucher. I am trying to save money so I always look for vouchers and offers for cheap entertainment and nights out with my friends!

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