Recycled Military Fashion

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Army clothing may not be considered flattering in the traditional sense, but at no point should military fashion be limited to menswear.

Urbandon's Winter Collection 

 c/o Urbandon

 Reporting for Duty


 Source unknown, found on chictopia

1950's/60's Black Leather Army Boots

A Military Beauty

Source unknown, found on Lou, Boos and Shoes

Army Green Crochet Vest

80's Army Khaki Green Cargo Skirt

Vintage 80s Army Khaki Green Cargo Style A-Line Skirt

Trench Army Military Coat

Olive Green Army Camo Field Jacket
Vintage Olive Green Army Camo Field Jacket

Women's Army Green 1980's Blouse
 Vintage Women's Army Green Two Piece Blouse Shirt and Skirt 1980s small medium

I have an army jacket, given by a friend, which comes with only a limited, yet interesting, history.  Her husband found the jacket in a box of old wiring and army surplus supplies a few weeks ago, that he wanted to build his own headphones with.  Aforementioned army jacket is now in my possession, as it did not fit my friend.

What are your thoughts on army surplus clothing as fashion pieces?
Do you have an interesting story linked to a second-hand clothing piece you have in your wardrobe?



Stacey said...

I'm pretty fond of army clothing as fashion pieces, but my boyfriend is a little undecided about it. We've visited an army surplus store looking for clothes for him, but he steered away from anything too noticeably military. It was a nice surprise to be able to find boots big enough to fit him though!

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Trenches don't suit me well, but I love the heavy boots, and of course, that *gorgeous* jacket from Lou, Boos.

my thrifty closet said...

Sounds like a fabulous idea. I like the rugged look mixed with feminie pieces.


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