Curtain Dress - Project Upcycled

Monday, February 27, 2012

I am thrilled to be in the finals of Project Upcycled! For my final project, I've made a dress from a piece of fabric that I picked up from Bentleigh market, which apparently, used to be a curtain..

I've made it into a dress, which you can see more of over on the final contest here

If you you think I should win, feel free to cast your vote!



Australian Fashion Review Blog - Gems said...

Wow I love that print - it is way too cute to be a curtain.
I think you have made it into the perfect style of dress - a little '60s shift!
I will be voting for you for sure :)
Gems x

Reverse Clothing said...

Just voted! What a great print.

Anonymous said...

Voted for you! Love the retro look of the print and dress style.

Miss Peregrin said...

The dress looks really cute! Now I've got to head over & have a look at the other projects (and sling you a vote of course!).

Lavender said...

consider it done :)

Mongs said...

well done I wouldn't know it was from a curtain. Looks retro chic and psychedelic 70's style!~
Hope you win!


Vintage Jane said...

Love your gorgeous dress ... have just voted for you. Good luck!

Kim, USA said...

That is fabulous couldn't believe it's from a curtain ^_^


PopLove Designs said...

Wonderful use of a curtain! :)

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