Inspiration; handpainted shoes

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What better way to customise a pair of shoes, than to hand paint with beautiful designs. If only we were all blessed artists to be able to create walking masterpieces such as these...

Much of my (drawings, paintings, sculpture, jewelry, papercraft, etc.) incorporate skeletal imagery and contrasting/complementary elements. I plan out the design first so that even though I used some different colors and different images, they still work as a pair because of placement.

Night Owl (Full CL)

Hand Painted Shoes - Koi Fish - Walking Art
Hand Painted Koi Fish Shoes by LoveMirandaMarie

Hand Painted Shoes - Peacock Shoes - Wedding Shoes - Walking Art - Peacock Feather

Hand Painted Peacock Shoes by LoveMirandaMarie

Rhymes with Fandango painted shoes W7.5

Rhymes with Fandango Hand Painted Shoes by wingtips

Dreamtime Tango hand painted shoes W7.5

Dreamtime Tango Hand Painted Shoes
by wingtips



Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Gorgeous! These are museum worthy - great art.

Mongs said...

the shoes are beautiful, very well designed! I like the #5 one especially, have to try doing this sometime.


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Be-Have Urban Atelier said...

If only I knew which kind of colors to use....if special colors for painting leather exist, for sure they don't in Italy...

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