All Hail the Bowling Shoe

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nothing beats a trip to the bowling alley, not necessarily for a game of ten pins, but with the chance to wear nerdy red and blue footwear that we exchange our shoes for at the counter.

All Hail the Bowling Shoe.


A mix of practicality, comfort, and geekery, would you wear a pair of bowling shoes as every day wear? I certainly would.

Perhaps readers, this is what attracted my attention to a pair of bowling-esque shoes in Salvos last winter. Terrific. $6.

online stalking for vintage bowling shoes >

Adorable Vintage Toddler Bowling Shoes (Vintage Size 6)
LinkAdorable Vintage Toddler Bowling Shoes (Vintage Size 6)

$10 from ladypatience

Vintage 1980s Nike Blue Bowling Shoes Women's 7 1/2Vintage 1980s Nike Blue Bowling Shoes Women's 7 1/2

Women's Bowling Shoes size 7
Women's Bowling Shoes

$38 from ReUnited

Vintage Mens AMF Leather Bowling Shoe Size 8
$39.99 from AlenaJane

Am I alone in my love for the bowling shoe?



b and e said...

If you wore them everyday - just don't slip!


Patti said...

Very cute and retro. I'd wear them with jeans on the weekend, just to shake things up. Bet they're comfortable too : >

MooBear Designs said...

You are not alone!! We have a small pair Moo use to wear when we went... Bear has worn them... Ans Bubble is next. We heart bowling!

Xo Steph

Anonymous said...

I LOVE bowling shoes! Andrew McCarthy wore them in the movie 'Mannequin' in the 80's and I have loved bowling shoes for everyday wear ever since! (It's kind of a dumb movie tho! :-) )

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