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Monday, October 24, 2011

Imagine an online retail venue, where everything you can can buy, is recycled. Everything.

Recycled Market; The first online marketplace to buy, sell and find all things recycled.

Recycled Market, opened its virtual doors...today

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What is Recycled Market? A unique online venue that encourages buyers and sellers to reduce, reuse, redesign, refashion, rework and recycle as much as possible.

A global marketplace showcasing stylish handmade and ethically manufactured pieces made from recycled materials.

“Our vision is for individuals to choose recycled before new” Recycled Market 2011

You'll see some Recycled Fashion goodies up for sale up already. Do you make recycled goods too? If so, registration and listing your products on Recycled Market, is free.

Give Recycled Market a big welcome

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Thanks for the link! Looks cool.

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