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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Latest refashioned outfit, and a thought on the subject of refashioning.


Image c/o FofysFactory


Frilly white shirt, unknown retail brand (label written in Chinese), quite possibly polyester, but has potential $2.50 Parish op shop
French Connection trousers, correct size, yet shapeless and baggy $3.50 Parish op shop


Trousers have been taken in a little to give more shape

Shirt sleeves cut off (but not discarded) and raw edges serged.

I've done something a little unusual with the cut off shirt sleeves, inspired by Urbandon's Adventures in Hacktavism creation. I've opened the shirt's side seams, and stitched both cut off sleeves into each side seam, which are now used as a tie around the back. This gives my shirt more shape, and at the same time creates a no-waste refashion.

Shirt sleeve tie

Thoughts on refashioning. I love, and embrace the refashioning scene. I appreciate that thrift clothing can be given a new lease of life, adding new value to an old garment. However, I did read an article recently which questions whether we (refashioners) should be chopping into thrift clothes that are otherwise perfectly wearable? Should ready-to-wear garments be left alone in favour of cutting, dying, and restyling damaged or unwearable clothes? Your thoughts?

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Coastal Harp said...

I'm kind of new to the refashioning world. I was so excited to be doing it that it didn't occur to me that some of the finds were fine without being refashioned. Now I look before I cut!

Rachel said...

I am inspired by how awesome you are

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Hmmm, I am not a skilled refashioner, but I'm a very experienced thrifter. My humble opinion is: there is *so much* clothing out there that's been donated or discarded, I see no harm in refashioning *any* piece you pick up. And you're not destroying, you are re-creating! You look wonderful, btw.

Magpies Laundry said...

I don't have any qualms about refashioning thrifted clothes ... they are donated rather than going to landfill, which is a win in the first instance, but beyond that, they're clothes which are given a new lease of life by the refashion, and are therefore not going to waste, nor are you depriving someone else of a wearable garment to no purpose. I will think twice if I'm going to cut something up for a quilt, or another non-wearable project - for those, I really only use garments or fabrics which are beyond their original use.

Becky said...

I guess it depends on how you define "wearable". I'm thinking back over some recent refashions. I refashioned a thrifted dress over the summer that had a fabulous print, but was a little too snug in the top. I took the facing out and made that fabric into straps. Sure, it would have been wearable by someone with a slightly smaller chest than mine. But for me, it was not. More recently, I picked up a pair of jeggings at the thrift store and turned them into a denim skirt. Perhaps those would have been wearable, though I personally thought they were kind of ugly as is. I'm currently pondering what to do with a plain black shirt that a friend passed along to me. It fits fine as is. It's just kind of boring. I figure that if clothes are in a thrift store, they're fair game. If someone gives me their old clothes for free, they're also fair game. One of the neat things about sewing is that we can make something perfectly suit our style, and/or perfectly fit. I also sew from scratch, so for me, a lot of what I thrift is solely to use as fabric. And I see nothing wrong with that.

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

I think you should do what you want. It is yours after all. If it doesn't fit, then it isn't perfectly good, and if you refashion it and wear it, then it is perfectly good.

Mongs said...

well done! Looks so much better now. I think it's ok to refashion clothes, as long as you wear them.


Wag Doll said...

I love the refashioned white shirt, much more shapely. I think if you refashion something that's previously unloved into something that you love, then wonderful! x

Lou said...

If I ever found a Poiret silk in the thrift shop, I wouldn't change a thing. But -- how often have I ever found museum-quality clothing? Never. Everything else is fair game! It's wonderful to make clothing really fit your individual style.

vikki said...

I think that is crazy to criticize someone for refashioning. So much of what is in thrift shops is out of style. Reusing is better than taking to the landfill. I love your suggestions and it has made me look at the unloved clothes in my closet differently.

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