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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I was invited, and agreed, to take part in a research interview for a Swedish organisation, for a project aimed to better understand and promote sustainable fashion practices both on the industry side and on from a consumer standpoint.

One question, which remains in the forefront of my mind is this "Are you fashionable?", to which I answer with a resounding "NO!"

Initially you see, I consider the term fashionable to be somewhat of a fashion follower, abiding by the latest trends. Fashionable people are trendy, they have a closet which is constantly changing with up-to-date high street garments.

I choose to buy second hand or make my own clothes, which represent my personal style rather than following trends, clothes which fit and flatter my shape, rather than succumb to what is currently 'in'.

Image c/o cathat

However, I do appreciate fashion. I like the way clothing can express one's personality...

Image c/o Melancholia fashion can portray a statement...

Image c/o Kahyck

or symbolize one's mood...


Clothing and fashion, to me, is not just fabric which covers our modesty, or which keeps us warm or cool. It is an extension of our personality, which represents who we are, at any given time. Perhaps I interpret clothing in a different way to some, but I appreciate fashion and I like my clothes, so maybe that means I am fashionable after-all?

How do you interpret the word fashionable, and would you consider yourself a fashionable person?



MooBear Designs said...

It's like you stole my words. I appreciate fashion and like new style and colours. One of the biggest things that I have noticed that is in fashion are the flat, tie up canvas shoes from Kmart for $5. Cute, fashionable and cheap but I don't own a pair because they a mass produced. It scares to think how much the maker is paid when they only cost $5... So in conclusion, I'll create my own fashion and show my kids that you can wear what you like to express your own style. plus it's so much more fun!!

Miss you!

Xo Steph

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Great article, and makes me think: I like to view myself as stylish, in my own way. And I *love* to read about fashion. But I don't wear fashionable clothing all the time -- my age, budget, lifestyle and body shape all affect those choices!

Christy Franklin said...

I went for other. I'm fashionable when I can be bothered.... Otherwise I'm happy in tracky dacks :)

my thrifty closet said...

I'm definitely not fashionable, it's hard to be fashionable when I'm always wearing hand-me-downs and thrifted clothes...haha. I would appreciate it more if someone says I'm stylish. Being fashionable in my opinion is not necessarily being stylish, and the latest trends are not always wearable. Thanks for sharing this, so thought provoking.

Thanks for your kind and encouraging words by the way Erica. You're so sweet.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your answer here. I am stylish, make my own clothes and love designers that don't follow fashion- they, and I, make what we want. No 'this seasons colour' and all that rubbish.

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