Tropical Bird Sorbetto with sleeves

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Complete; one Tropical Bird Colette Sorbetto, with sleeves.

Made using tropical bird fabric purchased from an RSPCA Opportunity Shop for $5 which has been waiting for an appropriate pattern on which to use it. I am unsure if this material is 100% silk, but it is certainly fragile to work with. I used brown bias tape, I thrifted a pack of bias tapes of different colours from Savers, the brown tape was best matched for this top.

I used the free downloadable Colette Sorbetto pattern as per my last blog post, but rather than go with a tank top, I made sleeves for my interpretation of the Sorbetto, which I drafted up myself as the pattern does not include sleeves. This is how..

Step 1 & 2. Measure arm hole with tape measure. (52cm)

Step 3. Taped together magazine pages (recycling!) measured a straight line of 52cm along the edge of two pieces of paper stuck together, and drafted a curve from one end of the line to the other using a marker pen.
Step 4. Cut 2 x pieces of fabric to size using my new sleeve pattern

Step 5 & 6. Pinned to the arm hole to make sure they fit OK.

Final step. Prepared the sleeve holes with zig-zag stitch to prevent fraying, added bias tape to the sleeve edges. Sew in place. Stitch a closure line under the arm.

make an animation
Do you like the animated gif?
I created it using this

My biggest fan, giving her sniff(!) of approval.

Mongs I am thinking of you when you asked whether the Colette Sorbetto is an easy pattern to follow? Yes! very much so, I would recommended it for anyone's first attempt to sew a top from scratch.

Top cost: Thrifted fabric $5, I used about 1/3 so lets say $1.50, thrifted bias tape pack $3, I used a tiny amount of this, so approximately 30c. Printing pattern - free, I didn't print it at home.

Total top cost: $1.80

But readers, it has occurred to me, that I may have broken the rules of my three month clothes shopping ban the Free Fashion Challenge?

  • Not buying any items of clothes or accessories (bags, shoes, belts etc.) for a year
  • This includes underwear & socks
  • Not buying any fabrics in order to make clothes
  • Do not accept any of the above as gifts
  • You can swap your clothing with others
Do you think downloading a free pattern could be allowed? I'm unsure!


Something Else said...

I LOVE that top. LOVE the sleeves...and the fabric. Gorgeous. Clever lady!

Liz said...

The free pattern is not bought and it's not a gift - I don't think it breaks your rules.

Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing the "how" of adding the sleeves!

JeTaimeVintage said...

Nah, free stuff is fine even more so if its a pattern, it does not have to be a physical possession, its more gaining knowledge! Love what you did with the top. Why do cats always like to sit on things the second you put them on the floor?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful fabric and top. I don't think you broke the rules here.

my thrifty closet said...

Lovely top, you're so clever. Thanks for answering my question, hope to try out the patterns sometime. Free pattern doesn't count right? I think not buying clothes for 1 year is very admirable. So I think you're doing absolutely great to save the earth.


Jane said...

Oooh, the Sorbetto looks great with sleeves and you look wonderful in it, fantastic job! The fabric is lovely too. May have to borrow this idea for my next version! x

Sleekit said...

Great top, very Romance Was Born

Sleekit x

Alison said...

Love the top! Away to download the pattern and have a rake in my fabric stash for something suitable!

The Sisters 4 say MORE is more said...

super cute!


Monica and Whitney said...

Oh my goodness. i LOVE this top. Love love love.

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Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Ohhh look at you!! I am totally jealous of your awesome sewing skills! This is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Sorbetto! I'll have to try longer sleeves like yours the next time I make one.

Kathryn said...

Your Sorbetto is gorgeous - I love that fabric you've chosen! I just made my first version with sleeves (first time ever doing sleeves) and it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be - definitely a great beginners pattern!

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