Nuno Magazine Review

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I feel privileged to be sent a digital craft magazine Nuno for review, put together by Elizabeth Abernathy Graham and Rachel Abernathy Braff.

A zine with a difference, Nuno features creative resourceful handcrafted products. Not only is each item beautifully photographed, but everything featured in Nuno magazine comes with a tutorial to recreate what you see all by yourself. Imagine that? An ad free magazine packed with eco-friendly craft, which does not encourage you to buy a product, but instead encourages you to make what you see.

On the DIY and recycled fashion front, here are some of my favourite projects, featured over three editions of Nuno magazine:

1. Vintage linen hat
2. Kool-aid silk dyed top

3. Silvered shoes

4. Recycled sweater sleeve leg warmers

1. Upcycled mens shirt lace cuffs
2. Tablecloth top

3. Recycled sweater sleeve leg warmers

4. Pebble and felt bracelet

As well as individual project tutorials, you will also find other useful tips such as how to salvage yarn leather and vinyl, and how to felt wool knits.

Nuno is not just a zine dedicated to fashion, you'll also find other craft projects ....Filled with inspiration, resourcefulness and crafty ideas, Nuno is a magazine more people need to know about. Spread the word!


my thrifty closet said...

wow, I love the magazine, thanks for sharing the link, so many great ideas, it's flooding my mind. Yesterday I found a magazine at the library called "Selvedge" It's a beautiful collection of fabrics and crafts, designers and stuff, similar to "Nuno". Except "Nuno" is better because it's free!


Alison said...

That looks like a brilliant mag!

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