The most beautiful second hand shop in the world?

Friday, June 3, 2011

May I introduce you to, possibly, the most beautiful second hand shop in the world, in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. This shop is called "Adorable", which is located on Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

I have been communicating with Adorable's shop owner; Anja, via email, and she has kindly agreed to answer some questions for the 5th "About My Shop" feature on Recycled Fashion:

What is your shop called, what do you sell?
It is called "Adorable", which works well in Spanish and English. I sell secondhand clothing, gently used, stylish pieces which work for our tropical climate, the lightest fabrics only. Moms, dads, kids, babies... we have the cutest outfits for everyone. I am lucky to share the passion of digging for treasures with a friend. Kim and I often go together on the "hunt" and have so much fun sitting on a pile of clothing, showing off what marvelous piece we just pulled out. We launder everything before it goes on the racks on wooden hangers. We convert the most stubborn new clothing only shoppers, like my lovely husband :) Oh, I also sell some accessories and jewelry that I make.

Where can we find your shop?
At Playa Ballena on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, near a town called Uvita. It is lush jungle meets the beach, just incredible. The community is small, one neighbor once told me how confused he felt when he saw a women in a dress he loved so much on his wife...she had given it away. I decided then not to take donations or consignments, but to buy everything outside. I don't sell online, but I write a blog to announce new arrivals and events at

Tell us about you, and your motivation to start your store
I came from Germany to this area a long time ago, when there were no roads, phones or electricity. Beautiful nature with abundant water attracts people and development started soon. There is very little commerce here though, we needed a clothing store in this area! Secondhand shops don't have the best image in Costa Rica and no wonder, they are very chaotic. I own a small commercial building (all made of farmed wood) on the main road between two little towns and decided to open a boutique-like secondhand store. One that's so pretty and inspiring, you love to just hang out there! It's a playground for my creative mind, I love all the opportunities this place holds in so many ways.

When did you start trading?
Adorable opened in March 2011. My parents helped me to remodel the space on their last "vacation". Kim and I buy the clothing from huge secondhand ware houses that import directly. Secondhand clothing is called Ropa Americana in this country, American clothing. It is shipped in bulks from the United States. This is one of the differences between a first world and a developing country. There is no over saturated market that leads to people just throwing their things out. Used cars are so much more expensive here. People look for low prices and want quality clothing and brand names, Ropa Americana shops are becoming popular.

Are there any particular products in your store that are most popular?
As in general in the fashion business, women's tops are the top seller. I keep a typical relation of tops to bottoms of 3:1. The lighter the better, it is always warm and very humid here, all year round. It is convenient that there is no change in seasons in Costa Rica. From May to October it rains much more, but the temperature doesn't change.
Very popular is the kids corner with books, games and a fitting room just to play dress up. Kim found amazing princess dresses and angel wings. But those are not for sale, just for the fun.

Would you like to show us some of the products you currently have for sale?
Here are some adorable details from our "new collection". Every two months we host a little sneak peek party to present new finds to our customers.

What is the future of your shop?
Some clothing we buy does not end up on the sales floor, anything that's not in perfect shape, we are picky. I am looking for ways of turning that into other products, the fabrics are often so pretty and would make great bags, hats, other accessories or toys, the potential is enormous! I am designing my first greeting cards that have fabric incorporated, for upcoming father's day. Complementing the clothing with recycled craft from local artists is something I would like to do. Maybe host DIY projects with some cake and coffee. I have a storage room full of junk attached to the store that is begging me to do something with it. A workshop?

Now I don't know about you readers, but I'm a little bit in love with Anja's Adorable shop via her virtual tour. I dream of visiting Adorable, and participating in one of Anja's future DIY workshops with cake and coffee; what a fabulous idea, in a stunning venue.

Thank you so much Anja, for sharing your shop with Recycled Fashion's readers.

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