A thrift wish list

Monday, May 30, 2011

Now into in my second month of the Free Fashion Challenge, I find myself drawing up a mental list of things that I'd like to buy; a thrift list if you will.

The Free Fashion Challenge comes with individual assignments along with our shopping sabbatical. In my in-box today, I am prompted with an assignment question; "If you could get 1 fashion item as a gift, what would you pick?" Rather than pick just one, I have three! Here is, my thrift wish list.

1. A pair of Knit Leggings

Similar to these on eBay. Image c/o Joy Hoisery

Perhaps I wouldn't thrift a pair, but a handmade pair of leggings would be good

2. A skirt sewing pattern

This crescent skirt pattern from Sewaholic would be perfect

Otherwise a similar vintage skirt pattern

3. Clogs

Especially fond of these from Second Hand Addiction
(currently having a sale; 30% off all vintage clothing!)

Don't care if they are 'last seasons' looks or not, clogs are great.

Next week my challenge will be tested, for I am leading another Bayside Melbourne Op Shop Tour on Friday 10th June (my first mid week tour) which covers six op shops in one day. Whilst the majority of the day is focused on attendees of the tour and their finds, it is often tempting, even as a tour guide, to stumble upon some treasures when faced with so many bargains in one day.

Do you have a thrift wish list, or do you prefer not having anything in mind at all, thus being open to any pieces you might stumble upon?


nathalie said...

1. Like you, knit leggings or else long, woolen legwarmers

2. Thin woolen body hugging mini dress (like the ones they sell at Kookai) in red, blue, green or orange.

3. Green leather tall boots with stacked heel or wedge.

4. Leather mini skirt in a colour other than black or brown.

5. Metalicus/Mesop style tops in fun colours.

Unknown said...

Your list sounds great Nathalie, particularly green tall boots!

cecilia said...

I never look for specific items: my entire wardrobe is built up with lashings of serendipidity. But I must say, those handmade leggings are damn fine!

Liz said...

Those knitted leggings are awesome! *looks thoughtfully at yarn stash*

my thrifty closet said...

my thrift wish list would be: a leather sling bag and a pair of clogs like the one in your picture. I wish I could fly over to Melbourne and follow you on a six op shop tour! So exciting!



Tracy said...

Do you think the knitted leggings are a close cousin to the 'flash dance' leggings..well thats one for my list, a red cardi with sequins and a 'mary' statue. :D

Peta said...

vintage clutches, dresses and blouses (I rarely get anything in my actual size) and a pair of flares at the moment!

Jenni said...

I love those leggings for you! Second Hand Addiction is a dear friend's shop here in Tucson. We will have to import you for a visit and tour of our vintage haunts.

Ahka Vintage said...

Hmmm interesting choices! Leggings are a yes for me - so that would be number 3. Number two would be a pair of chunky wedge boots - preferably with some colour to them; and number 1. would have to be an original 50's vintage ballgown. Sounds silly as I have nowhere to wear it - but I remember seeing pictures of my grandmother looking exquisitely elegant in one - and wanting to be just like her!
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Blog

nathalie said...

No luck on the tall green boots yet, but Salvos Hampton had a delicious pair of Kelly Green T-strap heels with square toes (vintage in excellent condition). No size, but I figured they're a 7.5 because they fit me just right. I did not buy them but they could be yours for $22.95.

Bayside really has the best op shops!

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