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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The history of the kilt stretches back to at least the end of the 16th century. Originally worn as a full length garment. The modern kilt, being the bottom half (skirt) of the great kilt, did not appear until the late 17th or early 18th century. More on The History of the Kilt here

Last month saw the 9th Annual Dressed To Kilt Fashion Show Benefit (for the Wounded Warrior Project, Paralyzed Veterans of America services, and Erskine Hospital in Scotland).

"New York is painted tartan as stars turn out for the annual Dressed to Kilt event. Dressed to Kilt is renowned for showcasing the best of Scottish fashion talent." heraldscotland

Katrina Bowden Dressed to Kilt 5 April 2011.
Image c/o newyorkfashiontimes

Bartenders competition image c/o Dressed to Kilt

Lyndel, a follower of Recycled Fashion, and blogger, previously commented a great piece of advice when sourcing second hand kilts:

"A tip for all when buying a kilt, hold it by the hem so the pleats open out and hold it up to the light. because the pleats are tight and 'dark inside' little mothies and silverfishies LOVE to live in the pleats. I've inspected more than one that when held up like that shows a row of holes along the pleat fold"

Last month, I purchased a kilt for $2.

Not an authentic kilt, more a tartan skirt, no matter, for $2, and thankfully no moth holes, it is a little gem in my wardrobe.

Second hand kilts available to buy online:

Vintage Scotland Kilt Skirt Tartan Plaid Scottish Pleated Wool Winter Wear Wrap

$22.88USD from mokiekin

Blue plaid kilt made in UK

$22USD from rio61

Some brilliant ways to wear second hand kilts here, here, here and... c/o stylish blogger Ella

Do you own a kilt? Have you ever purchased a kilt second hand?


Hannah said...

I have my Clan's kilt (at least one of our tartans ha) and I adore it! It is so different because all anyone in my area ever wears is jeans and a tee, so I am a little out there for them!

plaid skirts for women said...

Love these skirt, so cute!

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