Coxy's Big Break TV Segment

Friday, May 6, 2011

For anyone that missed Coxy's Big Break last weekend, with my appearance as a tour guide for Melbourne Op Shop Tours, you can view it here


Frugal Down Under said...

If you come to Darwin, I'll give you a op shop tour. Not as good as Melbourne though. I lived in melbourne for 7 yrs and LOVED the op shops. I found great stuff and sold some of it at St Andrews and Camberwell markets.

I also picked up heaps of signed books for 50 cents to 3$.

Unknown said...

Frugal Down Under .. you're on. I've love to visit Darwin one day!!!

Something Else said...

Wayhay! Fantastic! Such good opshops, it seems - they look better than Sydney. haha - but I had to laugh at the idea of a mother/daughter opshop trip. I think my mum would rather eat her own head.

Unknown said...

Go the aussie accent! It's not strong, but it's there, lol!

Fourth Daughter said...

oh ta, will put it up for everyone who missed it!

hed said...

So proud of you! So glad to put a voice to my pen pal <3


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