Recycled Plastic Bottle Cuffs for Charity Auction

Friday, April 1, 2011

The anniversary of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster is approaching. In recognition of the environmental destruction caused by the spill, Upcycled by Ash will be running an online auction to raise funds for the National Wildlife Federation, an organization that was pivotal to the animal rescue efforts in the Gulf.

She is planning an online auction, and is looking for eco friendly crafter's who care about animals and the environment, to consider joining the cause by donating an upcycled handmade product.

I am donating three plastic bottle cuff bracelets that I've made purposely for her auction, based on the same technique I used to make my first plastic bottle cuff bracelet; using a plastic water bottle, covered with fabric and lace from my rather large stash of thrift purchased stash.

This time I've spent more time adding detail such as fabric flowers, and beads, all of which will be sent to Ash in the US ready for her auction.

The sky-blue fabric covered bracelet I backed using eco-fi kunin felt (made with 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles) purchased from Thread Den, handstitched to the inside. I think this one is my favourite:

Here are the other two:

I'll keep you posted as to when the auction will be live.

Before I go, I need to let anyone in (or visiting) Melbourne know there is a competition to win a free pass to join us on a Melbourne Op Shop Tour courtesy of Dogstar Bazaar. Check out competition details right here.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Becca said...

Those are incredible! Wow! Love them!

Unknown said...

Thanks Becca, I'm really pleased with them :)

Cecilia said...

How gorgeous are these! And non-clanky too...

encik kuri said...

very nice...i love it

Unknown said...

could you please post the steps. please!

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