Reconstructed Clothing

Monday, April 25, 2011

Designers who are rocking the refashion/reconstructed clothing genre..

Sleeves for Pants: crafted from One Mens Business Shirt

High waisted pants made out of a single men's business shirt. Button cuffs, originally for the wrist. Designed and handmade by morgancolour

Checked Dress

Short Sleeved Grey Checked dress with gathered panel detailing to left hand side. Designed and handmade by Francesca Warren of UnButton Fashion; Zero Waste Womenswear.

Jumper Dress

Created by Love Me Again, an independent fashion label that uses entirely recycled textiles.

Greg Lauren Army Tent Jacket

Greg Lauren Army Tent Jacket

Twill high collar jacket made from vintage army tents. Designed by Greg Lauren, nephew of fashion giant Ralph Lauren available at Barney's


my thrifty closet said...

very interesting post. I have always been very fascinated with reconstructed clothes, after watching threadbanger videos, I think you may like this link.


RosMari Brand said...

super sweet stuff. i do very similar reconstructing, it's so amazing!

Unknown said...

RosMari, sorry for leaving you out of this post, I'll write about your designs on another blog post

Mongs - Threadbanger is awesome, I don't check it out enough, but should. Thanks for the reminder!

Corina said...

I'm glad to see it's becoming more mainstream. I for one would like to see more people getting creative and avoiding buying clothes (and other things) that were made in China. It's completely jacking up our economy.

RosMari Brand said...

OH no no that's OK! I just think it's super sweet! <3 No worries!!

RosMari Brand said...

Oh no no that's OK!! I just think its super sweet! No worries! <3

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