Op Shop Finds and Personal Challenge

Sunday, April 17, 2011

In an attempt to purchase useful things, here are my thrift finds for the week.

1. Gloves for winter $3 from Savers. Which happen to be quite pretty, no?

*Jazz hands *

And look, they match my Oroton Glomesh bag found last week!

2. A hat for winter. Because I lost my last one. $1.50 purchased during my op shop tour yesterday..

And did you spot the little trinket next to it? What do you think it is? Spotted under a glass counter of All Saints Op Shop in Sandringham, I thought it might be a chunky ring?

But no, it is in fact a scarf ring, isn't it pretty? All for a big fat 50c.

3. A pillowcase $1 from Savers. Ok, so this isn't really needed. I bought it to see if I could turn it into a top for my son to replicate the galaxy inspired Munster t-shirt I saw last week. We'll see how I get on with that.

What did you find this week? You can share your thrift shop scores with HerLibraryAdventures, Apron Thrift Girl and Born-again crafter's weekly link ups.

Now, for challenge I have set myself. Readers, you may remember I blogged about the Free Fashion Challenge. Fashion addicts from around the world, are taking part in the Free Fashion Challenge, in an agreement to stop buying new clothes for one year.

In an attempt to address my own cumbersome wardrobe, I have taken the pledge not to buy any clothes, not for an entire year, but for three months. No thrift purchased garments, no underwear, socks, or even fabric to make clothes, and not accepting gifts of any new garments. No bags, shoes, belts, etc.. for three months. Endeavouring to refashion what I have, sew from my existing fabric stash, and make do, I will be blogging in my attempts to adhere to my pledge.. wish me luck!


Simplastic said...

Wow! Good on you for taking the pledge!
It's a scary one hey?
I saw a similar scarf ring in an op shop the other day which the lady behind the counter informed me was a lipstick holder..?
Some great finds there :)

Liz said...

Go for it with the pledge! I look forward to reading about how you get on.

JeTaimeVintage said...

Well if your in need of the perfect zip/thread or a vintage garment I can donate what I can :) Good on you! If it was not for my ebay store I would happily do the same, I spend all my personal money on food anyway! Love the scarf clip idea too!

Yasmeen said...

Good luck!! I think you'll find it easier than you think and loads more creative, of course!

I love the scarf pin. What a unique find.

Becky from Florida said...

My mother had one of those rose things too and I did not know what it was. Thank you for the answer and it looks so divine! Pretty gloves...why did they ever go out of style? At least they could hide the sun damage and aging....oh.

Bonita Rose said...

U found some wonderful things.. wow!

Daffodil said...

I agree with yasmeen on this, it will be easier than you think. It will also give you a chance to not only refashion, but to also re-evaluate your whole wardrobe, move things on via eBay and redonating back to charity.

Peta said...

all the best on your challenge. I VERY much doubt I could do it!

my thrifty closet said...

What a loovely scarf ring! And only 50 cents....??!! I like the bag too. All the best for the challenge, I admire your courage. It's for a good cause to save money and save the earth

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

those gloves are so cool and pretty too. and the hat looks like it will go with them wonderfully. useful indeed! (although where i'm at those would be more for mid fall weather)

Kelly Jackson said...

That's too funny - I would have never thought that was a scarf ring; I thought those things were lipstick holders! Even funnier: when I was in a thrift shop lately the seller had one of those merchandized like a ring! I keep meaning to do a post on the subject as it **could** be used as one very funky ring ... and now, I see, a scarf clip!

Unknown said...

Fun finds and so much determination to not buy anything for 3 months! That would be a tough challenge! You can do it!!
It's so nice to see a new face on Thrifty Thursdays!! Thanks for linking up and linking back!

Emma said...

Love what you got! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a glomesh bag and was wondering where you got yours? Good luck for the challenge, that is real brave of you!

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