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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In today's news

Image c/o weheartit

1. Have you entered the fabulous recycled fascinator giveaway c/o Delight Worthyn? Entries into the competition close on 30 April.

2. Vintage Fur Debate

Thank you so much for everyone that has taken part in the 'Vintage Fur; Yay or Nay?" blog post by giving your view, and voting. The debate very interesting; 36 votes at time of writing, 24 people would not wear vintage fur, 11 people would, with one 'other'. The blog poll remains open for anyone that would like their say.

3. Upcycled By Ash Auction

The plastic bottle cuffs I made and donated to Upcycled by Ash, are for up for auction to raise funds for the National Wildlife Federation, an organization that was pivotal to the animal rescue efforts in the Gulf.

There are some other wonderful upcycled goodies up for auction too. I am rather fond of this little Plover bird, donated by Michelle Fahmy, made almost entirely of recycled materials, isn't he gorgeous?

4. Local fame

I have a little appearance in the Bayside Leader as tour leader for our newest Op Shop Tour Bayside route. My next tour will be on a Friday this time; 10th June. You can book here to join me.

5. Fashion Less Waste 2011 Competition

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about The Australian Museum's (Sydney, Australia) annual fashion competition; Fashion Less Waste 2011, which aims to encourage a more sustainable fashion industry, to help fashion a less wasteful world. This year, entrants are invited to be inspired by the birds of paradise.

I decided to enter this year's competition, entries close tomorrow. I will wait until judging is complete before I show the outfit I made. Wishful thinking that I will get to the final's in Sydney, as the open category encourages Fashion Designers to enter. But you gotta try, right? It's been really good fun designing an outfit made almost entirely from materials that were originally bought and used for a non-clothing purpose.

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