Free Fashion Challenge Assignment One

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I have joined the Free Fashion Challenge along with other fashion obsessives around the world, in an attempt not to buy any new fashion garments for three months. Anyone following my blog will know, I only ever buy second-hand clothing. As I am partial to the dollar bargain, and fancy fabric, it is time to reflect on my current wardrobe, use up some of that thrifted fabric, de-clutter, and refashion what I already have.

The Free Fashion Challenge comes with a series of assignments, that we can choose to complete if we so desire. My first assignment, is a series of 9 questions which determines who I am, and my relationship to fashion. Here goes...

1. What makes you happy?

2. What is your favourite source of inspiration?

Reflections on international, humbling travel moments

3. What is your signature item?

Refashioned clothing. I like to buy thrift garments, and refashion them to suit my size and style.

About you and fashion

4. What’s the first garment you have memories about?
I am not sure if this is my own memory, or one that my parent’s frequently remind me of - a pair of red wellington boots. I wouldn’t go anywhere without them. My shoe obsession obviously started at the tender age of 2

5. I need fashion because…

It (fashion) helps me express my creativity by styling second-hand outfits, and sewing my own garments. Some people like to watch TV, others read books, I like to sew.

6. What would be your dream collaboration in the fashion/creative industry?

An ideal collaboration would be one which creates fashion from recycled materials, with a percentage of profits donated back to a sustainable project in the developing world.

About you and the project: stop shopping for three months

7. What’s your largest fashion addiction?

8. Who would you like to have a swap-party with?

Blogger Desiree from Pull Your Socks Up! Her wardrobe is so much fun..

9. What do you contribute to a sustainable future?

I am a vegetarian, I try to buy organic when possible, use natural cleaning products, I recycle as much as feasibly possible, I have not purchased any fashion garment from a retail outlet in the last two years, and have no intention of doing so in the future. (only second-hand clothing)

Almost a week into the challenge. I haven't stepped foot into an op-shop all week. I fear temptation will be too much. Will I last three months without buying a garment? We'll see.


Nelly said...

Desiree is great isnt she?Well done on no opshop for a week.I am on that here now too only coz they are shut till late next week (cheat I know lol)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh sweetie thank you so much and I'm so incredibly chuffed you feel that way about my wardrobe:))). Well done on no shopping - I tried a month and it was actually quite a lot of fun. I did a post everyday on my blog to help me come up with new outfits using existing items in my wardrobe. I love it when people dedicate themselves to only buying second-hand - kudos to you!!! If it all gets a bit much you can always hop on a plane to sunny Brisneyland and play dress-ups! xoxoxo

hed said...

Your little guy is SO CUTE! And how clever are you? Teaching your cat to help you sew! :)


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