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Sunday, April 24, 2011

I've been working on a butterfly printed shirt I purchased a while ago for $4 from St Andrews Op Shop in Brighton.

Pretty butterflies

An interesting one, for it is, believe or not, a man's shirt by fashion label English Laundry. It amazes me that someone originally bought this shirt at all, for a women, maybe, but for a man? Surely not.

Shirt before, ick..

Inspired a little by this silk shirt refashion by one pearl button..

I used the front of butterfly shirt for the back of my new top, removed the collar, plus added some bias tape from my sewing stash for the neckline...

Shirt back - now front

Shirt front - now back

Using my cherry shirt as a rough guide for cutting to appropriate size..

And adding a hand-sewn fabric flower, made with excess material cut from the side...

I had to include a small clasp right at the top of the (new) back of my top, to stop it gaping were the collar had been removed..

Unfortunately, I have created a sleeveless top for the wrong season, for Melbourne's autumnal weather brings cooler temperatures, therefore I have to wear with a long sleeve top underneath till warmer weather returns.

In an attempt to minimise any waste, I am working on a few projects to use up the excess fabric from this shirt, which I will blog about once complete.

Advice from anyone with sewing knowledge, would it be better if I were to include two darts at the front of my top? Or leave it as is? Sewing darts is still a fairly new skill to me, only done via following patterns previously...


Worn on Self Stitched Sept, Day 24

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Sonja King said...

If you add in slim darts from under the bust about 10cm in lengthe that will give it more shape. Just put the top on inside out and pin them to fit, easiest way to get them right.

Chrissy Foreman C said...

Oh My! YUM!!!!

Miss Claire said...

What a cool transformation! I love the idea of having buttons down the back, it just seems so lady like. Maybe because it reminds me of lace-up back corsets! Not sure. But it looks great!

Xx Claire

Huli said...

Hey Erica what an awesome find...loving the beautiful butterflys:) darts aren't too scarey...just pop your top on inside out & pin to fit.

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