The convertible dress

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dear female readers, do you own a dress that you can restyle yourself? A simple dress which can be wrapped, draped and styled as many times as your imagination can provide? What is this dress I speak of? It is the convertible dress.

Next time you have a wedding to attend, a corporate function, a birthday or a night out, just restyle your convertible dress, add some colourful accessories and shoes, and you have yourself a brand new look without the necessity to buy a new dress. That is of course, if you already have, a convertible dress. If you don't, here are some ways to get one:

You can buy ethically handmade convertible dresses online through the following online sellers:

by Katesy, US$89

by Lirola, US$95

by cynrgyarts US$75

Alternatively, convertible dresses supporting charitable causes are available to buy through the One Dress Project

"Women from around the world were asked to share information about their lifestyle, personal desires, and visions for a better world. Women also shared, for the sake of this project, how their lives relate to one simple - but truly important piece of clothing - the DRESS. By sharing their likes and dislikes in fabrics, colors, necklines, silhouettes, seasons, etc. the "One Dress" was conceived, incubated and now released into the universe. A portion of all profits from the One Dress Project will go to benefit the following organizations/charities: CARE ( and KIVA ("

The One-Dress Project's raison d'ĂȘtre (reason for existence) is to raise awareness and funds on behalf of organizations around the world that enhance and protect women’s health, reduce violence against women, educate young girls, and support women to play an active role in society.

The "One Dress" has been collectively designed and created by women from around the globe via online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, ASmallWorld, YoutTube as well as the One Dress Project Online Community.

For clever seamstresses, you could make your own, just like Huli in New Zealand, who made her own convertible dress from a tutorial on made with fabric she purchased in an op-shop for just $1.99. Huli blogged about her inspiring dress on refashion co-op:

Clever, yes? If you are not already a fan of Huli on facebook, I suggest you become one! She is one very talented seamstress, buying clothes and fabric from op-shops, and refashioning them into gorgeous garments.

So there you are readers, a dress you can wear more than once, which has the ability to look completely different from the last time you wore it. Excellent.


Simplastic said...

I love these things, the kariza and the multi dress/tilda are pretty amazing too.
I bought 2 simple scarf dresses off ebay last week that can tie at the front or back or be a halterneck and I LOVE them, am wearing a pretty paisley one now.
It's a dream of mine to make all sorts of convertible clothing. So many different ideas out there and lots of good sewing tutorials.

RosMari Brand said...

Cool! So when you own a convertible dress does that mean you can wear it everyday, just in a different style? Do you think people would notice it's the same dress? Haha

Unknown said...

Skippingtail - scarf dresses sound great. It is also a dream of mine to make a convertible dress too!

RosMari I think you could wear it everyday - I'm sure some people would notice, although probably not the men folk :)

Yasmeen said...

hello from your newest follower! i'm also in Melbourne and am writing a food/photography blog.

love the idea of convertible dresses and looking forward to seeing what else you find in the op shops :)

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