Cherries and ruffles

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I picked up a Westco Jeans cherry printed shirt in a Hampton op shop sometime last year, still with its shop bought tags, it cost me $4.

Cheery cherry print

The shirt was too big; I made it smaller. I forgot to take a photograph before I cut my shirt, this is the during photo, after I'd tried it on for re-size:

Here's how I re-sized my shirt:

1. Turned shirt inside out, button up, and pin the shirt using safety pins where it would fit better.

Safety pin for snug fit

2. Take off and mark a line with chalk where the safety pins were in place, take out safety pins then sew all the way down the chalk line - I didn't actually sew on the chalk line, I stitched about 1cm away from the chalk line.

chalk line ............. stitched line

3. Cut off the excess material, serged my seams together, and tried on for size (as seen in photo above in mirror)

Love my over-locker

It fit fine, but I found it a little boring, so, made some ruffles for the front of the shirt out of the two strips cut from the inside .. Yes I know readers, I too have jumped on the ruffle bandwagon, but ruffles are cute, aren't they?


Lyndel said...

ruffles cute? oh Yes ! looks great

Anonymous said...


Frugal Down Under said...

The ruffles has changed the top from plain-ish to super pretty!

Miss Prickly said...

Super cute! I love the ruffles too - you did a great job. Thanks for the inspiration.

Unknown said...


Something Else said...

Cute! Love a cherry print.

hed said...

I love it!!!!!!


Bina Ross said...

Love it! great upcycle and thank you for joining my party!

Rachel said...

Adorable! Love the ruffles. I'm a new follower.. can't wait to see what else you come up with!

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