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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sophie over at Her Library Adventures is holding a fun February Scarf Challenge:

She is wearing one of her thrift purchased scarves everyday, for the month of February, in order they appear on this fabulous retro scarf chart

Melbourne is experiencing somewhat unseasonal cold weather of late, therefore my outfit going out for dinner last night consisted of my handmade 'vintage' dress, a blazer, and a favourite scarf from my collection, bought many, many moons ago in a UK charity shop:

Whilst the majority of my outfits consist of entirely second hand purchases, this is one of those rare outfits where I am wearing an item of clothing purchased new from a retail shop. Oh the horror!! My blazer, purchased from Zara in Singapore, was in fact the last new item of clothing I have parted cash with, in August 2009. I have to say though, I do love it!

Have you got a scarf or two? Why not join in the fun! Add a snapshot on your blog of your fabulous scarves on their outings, whenever you feel like it. Sign up over here. And follow daily scarf updates at the flickr pool.


Lyndel said...

great outfit, and the scarf was just perfect.

Moan said...

I love this challenge, what a brilliant idea!!

Ms Wanda said...

Don't get me started with scarves - I'll be here all day. I'm slightly addicted to them.

Funny you're experiencing cold weather. My friend in Sydney said it was 30 degrees at midnight in Sydney the other day.

I really love that jacket!

Unknown said...

Oh thanks so much for joining in! I love that outfit! Perfect with that lovely scarf!
Sophie x

Glamour Drops said...

Great idea ~ I have so many scarves it is embarrassing! I love tying them onto handbags, and as belts, but this little poster has some fab ideas for variations.

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