A no-sew refashion to dye for!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A few days ago I found an awesome tutorial on fabric dyeing clothes in a jar on BurdaStyle, an alternative to tie dyeing, and had to try it.

A very straight forward task, although it can be a little messy. Here is my own step-by-step, no-sew.

You will need:

1. A jar big enough to hold the item of clothing (scrunched up) you wish to dye.
*I used a decorative glass jar that I purchased a while ago, from an op-shop of course!.

2. Item of clothing - cottons tend to absorb dye better

3. Dye. I used the cheapest available in the shop, in my chosen colours teal and tan
* I hate the idea of using chemicals, but this was more of an experiment; next time I would like to use natural dyes like Eddie's elderberry dyed bubble skirt.

4. Very hot water - kettle

5. Salted water or vinegar as per the instruction on the packet
*I used household salt mixed with tap water

I chose a shirt that was given to me by my friend, eBay seller Dogstar Bazaar. This shirt, by Portman's, is quite lovely, but alas, stained. A perfect excuse for a dye job, if you can't beat the stains, why not join them?

I wet the shirt in slightly warm water, and rang out so it was still wet, but not dripping. I sprinkled a little of the first of my chosen colour (teal) in the bottom of the jar

..and started to place the shirt in the jar. I would then twist the shirt, and insert it a little more, spinkling the alternative dye colour (tan), and continue to do that till its all in. I sprinkled some more of both colours on the top, filled the jar up to the top of the shirt with very hot water straight from the kettle, along with some salted water as per the instructions on the packet.

I left the jar for three hours, then, using plastic gloves (very important - messy) rinsed the shirt under cold water until the water ran clear, hung on the washing line till dry, then ironed.

My shirt came out with red and yellow spots all over; perhaps it is the way the two dye's mixed together? but I actually don't mind it.

You could go full-on hippie with dye, and wear with flowing skirts and Jesus sandals, or you could choose to dress it up as I've done, worn with my silk SATCH skirt ($20 Salvos), and black heels ($4 church op-shop)

Go on readers, release your inner hippie and give jar dyeing a try!


Worn on Self Stitched Sept, Day 3


RosMari Brand said...

OOO I like! Great idea it looks awesome!

Darkrose said...

Adorable, I'm off to find a large jar and some old clothes :)

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