Fashion Less Waste 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia, has commenced its annual fashion competition; Fashion Less Waste 2011, which aims to encourage a more sustainable fashion industry, to help fashion a less wasteful world. This year, entrants are invited to be inspired by the birds of paradise.

The instructions are to make an outfit that "is entirely, or mostly, made from materials that were originally bought and used for a non-clothing purpose. You could use, for example, discarded DVDs, video or audio tape, chicken wire, fly screen, wall paper, tea towels, kitchenware, cutlery, plastic bags, hessian bags, office supplies, polystyrene packing, or car seat belts. The use of materials that aren’t curb-side recyclable, or that are notorious for harming animals as litter will be thought of highly."

In previous years, entrants into the competition would enter under the TAFE and Tertiary student category.

The winner in the TAFE, Tertiary and Design School category Fashion Less Waste 2010; Biodiverse fashion competition - Bird's Eye View' by Sarah Follent. Sarah was inspired by native Australian birds facing habitat loss.

Materials used: Covers and pages of hard-cover books, netball skirt, string, black paint, staples
and safety pins

The winner in the Secondary School category; 'Reptilia' by Katinka Olynick is modeled by Natasha Olynick. Katinka was inspired by the Australian Tiger Snake, genus Notechis.

Materials used: Crocheted plastic bags

This year, however, one can enter under the new 'open category'. Entrants for the open category need not be from a fashion/student background, so long as they are resident in any Australian state or territory, however, finalists must be able to attend the parade in Sydney on the 19th May at their own expense. An entrant who has been chosen as a finalist will not be confirmed or publicly announced until they have committed to attend the parade. Ten finalists from each category will be chosen to have outfits paraded on a red carpet ‘runway’ at the Australian Museum on Thursday 19 May 2011.

Judges for the 2011 Fashion Less Waste: Birds of Paradise sustainable fashion competition include:

Akira Isogawa of Akira
Louise Olsen of Dinosaur Designs
Kelley Sheenan of Peppermint Magazine
Matt Paroz of HowBigIsYourEco will represent Peppermint Magazine when Kelley Sheehan is unable to travel from Brisbane

And the sole judge of the best accessory hat at the parade in each category:
Robert J. Carroll of Strand Hatters

Could you create an outfit made from bottle tops, bubble wrap, plastic bags, CDs or perhaps curtain rail hoops to resemble one of these beautiful, magnificent, colourful birds?

Now thats a challenge!


hed said...

Wow! That is seriously innovative!


Lyndel said...

oh this sounds like such a great event. I couldn't enter... no crafty talent at all here, but I'd love to see the finalists!

Unknown said...

Wow! I also knit from plastic bags handbags, hats, shoes ..

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