The colours of His Holiness; The 14th Dalai Lama

Monday, February 21, 2011

I popped into Savers yesterday to pick up some things for an outfit I am making.

"Oh are you dressing up as the Dalai Lama" the lady at the counter asks

Isn't colour association a wonderful thing?

Mustard yellow and dark red do indeed represent the colours of the Dalai Lama, but whilst I am not dressing up as His Holiness, I am dedicating this blog post to ethical, second-hand, and recycled fashion in His colours; Red and Yellow.

Here are my finds:
#1 - Batik Print Skirt

This beautiful skirt is made by ogekko based in Brisbane, Australia by a textile artist and designer. Available to buy for US$50

#2 Bike screen printed Tee

Flying bike Tee Dijon

Designed and screen printed by Marty May, from Sacramento, United States "Sewing has become my meditation, giving me time to completely immerse myself in its straight lines, perfect curves, colorful thread, crisp canvas, and bright prints." (nice Mantra!) Available to buy for US$20

#3 Vintage Heels

Vintage CHARLES JOURDAN Wingtip Heels Pumps 8

Available to buy online US$64 through whitefluffyclouds based in Oklahoma City, United States

# 4 Upcycled Belt

Wrigleys Juicy Fruit belt

Available to buy online US$28 through PrairieGardenMarket based in Chicago, United States

Red and yellow are solid colours, and probably not a classic choice for a fashion outfit. What do you think about combing clothing in red and yellow?


Liane said...

Great clothing that's come back to life! Everytime I look at the belt I want to buy a stick of gum :-)

Jana Fielder said...

Oh, I hope you show us your outfit after you finish. LOVE the yellow and red and YES, it can work together! Thank you for choosing my Charles Jourdan shoes to be included in this blog. Very enlightening! :)

Violet said...

Those are McDonalds colours, you know.

Fourth Daughter said...

I wear red as often as I can, yellow, not so much... but don't have a problem with them when they look so great as that African skirt.
If you're still interested in the Fair@Square volunteering can you please email me? It's

Unknown said...

Violet - Yes someone else mentioned Ronald McD on twitter; yikes!!

Fourth Daughter - emailed :)

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