About My Shop # 1; Redressing.co.uk

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Introducing a new feature to Recycled Fashion; About My Shop!

About My Shop gives sellers specialising in vintage, second hand and up-cycled fashion, a chance to introduce themselves, their garments, and stores to Recycled Fashion blog readers.

Our first interview is with Angie Coles from redressing.co.uk

What is your shop/online store called and what do you sell?
My online shop is called Redressing and I sell pre-loved contemporary and vintage style dresses to customers around the world.

Tell us about you, and your motivation to start your store
I am a Mum of 3 in the UK and wanted to encourage women everywhere that they are gorgeous and don’t need to spend a lot to look great. I am trained in colour and style analysis and wanted to offer women who may have lost their way in the fashion world an eco-friendly, empowering experience and the purchase of a pre-loved fab frock! I also simply adore all things Vintage Inspired and also want to offer women the chance to re-live the styles of bygone eras in modern frocks which have a better fit and won’t break the bank so I started Redressing with 3 dress collections: Everyday Glam (for everyday dresses), Posh Frocks (for parties, weddings and special occasions) and Vintage Chic (for the vintage enthusiast who loves the look rather than the authenticity of a dress!).

When did you start trading?
I started trading in September 2010 and my website went live last November

Are there any particular products in your store that are most popular?
I also sell handmade, bespoke pieces of jewellery made by people local to me but it’s my dresses which sell the best.

Would you like to show us some of the products you currently have for sale?

Definitely! Just click on http://www.redressing.co.uk to see for yourselves what’s in stock. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

What is the future of Redressing?
I would love to empower all women everywhere and encourage them that any woman can wear a frock. I also want to remind all ladies that they are gorgeous! I’m also expanding the Vintage Chic collection as it has such wide appeal at the moment. (One day I’d love my Sydney based sister-in-law to become a trading partner and sell from an Aussie base too!)

Where can we find your store?

I also run a blog where I give out hints and tips alongside featuring some of my collections, you can find this at http://redressingblog.blogspot.com

Thank you Angie!

Some of my personal picks from redressing.co.uk:

Oasis cream dress, Size 10, £15

Authentic vintage 60's houndstooth pleated dress, Size 14 £25

Are you a thrift store manager, op-shop volunteer, charity shop staff member, fashion retail website owner, pre-loved market or clothing swap event organiser, or perhaps an online marketplace seller featuring upcycled, vintage or recycled clothing or accessories? If so, I'd love to hear from you!

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