Tshirt scarf necklaces

Saturday, January 15, 2011

What is a t-shirt scarf necklace? You take an old t-shirt, and transform it from into a necklace. It can be all be done without sewing. Online tutorials can be found on sites such as craftster, threadbanger and craftgossip.

Pretty t-shirt necklace scarfs made by other people can be purchased online, such as these gorgeous ones made by akaashDesigns

I thought I'd try my hand at making a simple t-shirt necklace scarf with an old Billabong t-shirt. It is very easy - cut a t-shirt into strips and stretch out the hoops so the strips adjust into tubes, and tie them together.

I haven't made mine very pretty, as it was more of an experiment. I kept the Billabong logo in tact to use as a tie around the tubes. Next time I'll try mixing different colours and include some beads.

Modelled by the cat, she doesn't look impressed

I worked out this particular necklace is more practical as a headband!


MooBear Designs said...

You should try plating them together too for a more chunky look!! Hehe that's what I do...

xo Steph

hed said...



RosMari Brand said...

These are great! I make them too!!! So fun and easy!!

Frugal Down Under said...

As I read i grabbed a clean but stained pale blue super soft T-shirt I had sitting near the computer and sissors from my draw.

I LOVE my new head band! Less then 5 minutes, frugal and repurposing to boot!

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