Treasures of the East

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yesterday I stepped in as a tour guide for Melbourne Op Shop Tours East Tour Route. 11 of us visited 7 op shops from Mitcham to Nunawading. We had a great time, exploring the treasures of the East.

My personal finds include:

Some delightful handpainted eggs, 50c each, and a white belt for Mum

so delicate and pretty!

And some music paper for another upcycled coaster craft project.

Some other treasures of the day which I didn't buy, but thought were cute:

A handpainted pet doggy picture - how did this little poppet end up in the op shop?

What a classic! Not the song, but the 80s roller disco outfit!!

A collection of dolls from around the world..?!

A gorgeous wooden high chair

Remember my blog post discussing the popularity of Havaianas?..

A whole bunch of childrens Havaianas sitting in Salvos Nunawading, all brand new in the box, size 29/30.. wow!

And some treats purchased by the group:

A collection of pretty scarves and a lovely pair of shoes

A retro floral dress

A vintage jigsaw castle and ruby red shoes

I shall be leading the next Melbourne Op Shop Tours Bayside Route on Sunday 5th February.

For more flea market and op shop treasures, check out Sophie's blog (she is also hosting a giveaway this week!)

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Dear Pearl Vintage said...

that sounds like SO much fun being an opshop tour guide, perfect!

MooBear Designs said...

Are you going back? Bubble needs Havies!! hehe

xo Steph

george said...

how did i live in melbourne for 4 years and not hear about the op shop tours! devastated. xx

marian said...

op shop tour..well i never!!
WOW lots of lovely finds too!! i especially like those sweet red & black shoes with cute black bows.

nadine paduart said...

those eggs!

Unknown said...

Steph - I am not sure I will be back there soon, but if I do, I will get some for Bubble! They are quite big though - for kids I mean, so they might fit a 8/9 year old?
woolf - I know, I adore the eggs!!
marian - the shoes are so lovely arent they
George - tours started in 2009 so maybe that is why you hadn't heard of them :)

sue said...

Sounds like heaps of fun! Would love to join in one day - course I will have to get my butt to Melbourne first ....

MooBear Designs said...

Awww Erica!! You are so wonderful!! They are prob too big for Bubble she's is only 2 hehe. There is an op shop tour up here in Gosford but I already know all the great op shops so really I should start my own tour group!! Hehehe

xo Steph

spectacularfairywren said...

tour! Gasp - what a great idea! Next time in Melbourne!

as a gypsy, I never really know if I have found the best opshops in the city in live in. I need you here in Perth!

LOVE LOVE LOVE those ruby shoes.

Unknown said...

Do you know if there's anyone doing tours in Brisbane? We're there over Easter, (v excited) if you fancied popping up for a visit.

Unknown said...

No tours in Brisbane at the moment, but maybe in the future.

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