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Friday, January 21, 2011

Last year I picked up a pretty little strappy top from the RSPCA op shop in Frankston. Purple, with a cute little leaf prints. I am not really too bothered about labels, but always like to check what I am buying before parting with my petty change, in this case a huge $4.

As with some clothing purchased on the thrift, the tag had been cut out, so the clothing brand remained a mystery.


I remember a comment witten by a blog reader on my top tips for op shopping blog post, in which she mentioned the removal of clothing tags might be an indication of a designer piece. I am guessing to prevent a buyer on-selling designer clothing for a profit?. An interesting thought.

I got home and tried my new top on for size, and noticed the washing instruction label reading Country Road.

Country Road is not necessarily designer, but it is an Australian high end clothing retailer, so perhaps this was the case; the label was removed to prevent someone buying it to on-sell for a profit?

Feeling quite chuffed with my purchase, because I know this brand is quite expensive, but I was not entirely happy with the top; a little too cleavage-y for my liking, which is probably why it ended up in the op-shop in the first place! Easily fixed though, by sewing a white piece of fabric leftover from a clothing refashion, right across the front.

So with a bit of refixing, it is much more wearable.

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced labels being cut when thrifting clothes? Any more thoughts on this? Could they be designer pieces?

If you missed my previous blog posts, a little reminder that I am auctioning a clutch bag I made for Queensland's Premier Flood Relief Appeal.


Fourth Daughter said...

They do seem to be cutting tags a lot lately, not sure why but your reason makes sense.
That clutch is gorgeous! Good on you! Meanwhile despite having posted re donating to the Alice Euphemia garage sale, I don't think I'm going to make it into the city to do so.. the joys of living in the sticks.
And I did sign up for that remaking site you told me about, but don't know that I'll get around to doing anything on the Flickr page...

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Yay, what a super bargain! I love your Oz-themed clutch that you're auctioning for the flood appeal - what a treasure!

Anonymous said...

Usually if it is a store or manufacturer donating the clothing, they cut out the labels so that no one can try to return the item for a refund in the store. If it is an individual donating the clothing, then it could mean the tag was itchy and needed to be removed.

chocolatetrudi said...

I always cut labels off my clothing, because I'm allergic to a lot of things and they usually give me a rash. It also eliminates the danger of label raspberries (when they flip over and stick out at the back of your neck, like little tongues poking out).

Nelly said...

I thought tags were off coz they annoyed peoplelol .I hate tags cut off but will take more notice now.I do know that I bought a new dress with shop tags still on it from Vinnies awhile back and the lady said that the new old shop tags were supposed to be taken off.My thoughts are leave them on then people will feel even more excited about their new clothes buy at a very small cost.

Ky said...

Very cute top! I usually wear a singlet under something that is to cleavagey, but your add on looks cute.

Pamela said...

To be honest: I just cut them off 'cause they're uncomfortable.
Hence, you will find that all my shirts, trousers etc. have no tag at all anymore (not even the washing label), and only in the jackets or coats are some left.

Anonymous said...

When I went to the Bardot Factor Outlet, the lady behind the counter said they cut the tags off them to stop people reselling heavily discounted/seconds clothing and making a profit from it. Sounded like a plausible answer.

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