Handmade Clutch Bag Auction for Flood Appeal

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today I made a clutch bag. The buttercup bag pattern I downloaded from Made by Rae. I gave it my own personal touch, taking out the strap to create a clutch, and added a band with two vintage gold buttons. The gorgeous forest material was given to me by my Mum some time ago, she bought it from a charity shop in the UK. The jersey fabric off-cut I have used for the lining is thrifted.

I originally made this bag for a friends birthday gift. However, in conjunction with other bloggers and online sellers, I have decided instead to run a silent auction for this bag on my blog, with monies going directly to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal.

To think such death and destruction is going on in our country right now is just heartbreaking.

The winner will pay the full amount directly into the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal, and send me proof of payment via email. Once proof of payment has been received, I will post the bag to the auction winner.

This auction is open to everyone. I will cover postage.

The auction begins now and will end at midnight on Monday 24th January 2011

How to auction; simply email me at erica (@) recycled-fashion.com with the bid you wish to put forward, and I will contact the highest bidder to organise payment and postage on Tuesday 25th January.

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hed said...

This is a really good idea, Erica. I'm happy that you are helping out such a good cause.


NessaKnits said...

That's a really good idea and method of doing it. I am packing and moving at the moment and feeling a bit powerless amid all these auctions, but I can bid and buy perhaps.

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

Wow, I had no idea that was going on...Our local news here is covering our crazy snow we got...I hope you're able to donate lots from the purse! It really is adorable...I'm envious of your sewing skills :)

MooBear Designs said...

That is a s great way to do it! You already now where to find my auction items but I might do what you are doing with a silent one!

xo Steph

Bag Manufacturers said...

I appreciate your post, thanks for sharing the post, i want to hear more about this in future.


hed said...

FYI stop by my blog-I gave you a little love :)

hed www.hedabovewater.com

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Should i start the bidding at $20, it's really sweet & a lovely way to raise money, love Posie

Unknown said...

Hi Posie, that is great, thank you! If anyone else wishes to bid, you can do so here or email me, thank you :)

kate said...

i would like to continue the bidding at $25 my email is kbrasso@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

Thank you Kate!

Anonymous said...

I would like to bid $30, I will email you my details. Thank you

kate said...

lucky i checked i would like to increase it to $33 please kate from before

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