A well travelled vintage suede jacket

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I purchased this jacket from an op shop in Cairns for $3 in 1997....

Tan-tastic suede jacket, $3

A pommy backpacker at the time, travelling the east coast of Australia in a Datsun 180b, bought for a bargain price of AU$650..

Dato! (prounounced 'daddo') This was not my car, but it looked just like it.

...1 gear box, a few tyres, and 6 months later, I sold the Datsun for $1000.. not bad.

The thrifted suede jacket has another story. I love this jacket, but in Cairns, I didn't get to wear it (too hot). I packed the jacket in a box filled with other clothes, which travelled with me down to Sydney by car, and was then shipped by boat back to the UK. I had doubts I would see the jacket again, I didn't trust boat mail!

I did see the jacket again, and wore it many, many times. This photograph taken back in the UK, in I think 1998, wearing aforementioned jacket..

Ahem.. nice lace top?! urgh

As I left Britain permanently for Australian shores 6 years ago, the jacket stayed behind. In fact, I think I'd forgotten all about it. My parents came to visit last year, and bought with them a nice suprise.. a freshly cleaned tan-tastic suede jacket. The funny thing is, professionally cleaning this jacket cost my parents 10 times the price tag I bought it for. (thanks M&Dx)

Early blog followers may remember the green and gold vegemite outfit I decided to wear for my citizenship ceremony, in which I decided to wear my tan jacket..

And back to the current day, I still wear my jacket, this outfit is entirely thrifted...

Aforementioned jacket $3 op shop in Cairns
80's vintage playsuit/dress $6 Salvos
Refashioned cowboy boots $0 from The Clothing Exchange
Hat $1 from Carrum op shop, refashioned with a mens necktie band

If jackets could talk, I would ask it where it has been before it reached that Cairns op shop all those years ago. It looks to have been made in Izmir, Turkey.

Such a well travelled jacket, and all without the need for a passport....


JeTaimeVintage said...

Love your entire op shop outift, jacket is perfect with it!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh wow your jacket has followed across the world twice! And that's not including its wonderful middle eastern roots - I heart it so much! xo

Kate Moore said...

What a great story. Thanks for letting me know about it. I'll add it to the Op Shop Challenge.

Fourth Daughter said...

hmm, I recognise those boots!! I think Turkey is well known for its leather, I remember my friend brought a leather jacket back from there years ago (but it was hideous and nothing like your lovely find!

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