Beat the Monday Blues - Colour My Week with Red

Monday, November 15, 2010

'Colour My Week' is back today; an initiative to introduce a colour at the start of a working week, helping to eliminate the 'Monday Blues'. I invite blog readers to participate, by linking your own colour related fashion items back to this blog post. This week our focus is.. red.

Red (in fashion) is a daring colour; it is bright, bold and firey. Perhaps not a colour for someone who wishes to disappear in the crowd.

According to, red is suited everyone, there are however, different shades more suitable for different skin tones:

"A cooler pinkier red for those with cool skin tones. The ones who look good in blue and black. A warmer, orangier red for those with warm skin tones, who look good in peach, brown or orange."

Red is: Christmas, poppies, hearts, roses, tomatoes, apples, valentines day...
Something red from my own wardrobe..

a Principles jacket I purchased on eBay UK for 99p

The red garment clothes rack in Savers....

*by the way folks, its 50% off all clothes in Savers (Australia) today; Monday 15th November

...and within that rack of red clothes I found this cute little oriental carp print shirt by burn n voilet

Another red jacket I found on lookbook....

..a Michael Jackson inspired look, Denny W purchased his red jacket from a thrift store for 5 bucks, and customised it by adding studs. Nice.

An Etsy find...

A 1950's vintage swing dress, US$135 for sale from swingkats vintage

Do you have any thrifted red clothes in your wardrobe? Have you made a red clothing item recently? Perhaps you found a rust leather jacket in a charity shop, or you've found a nice red bag on etsy? Are you selling a rose printed dress on eBay? If you have anything red to share, please link below using Linky Link McLinky, which will close in a week from now.


Unknown said...

Wow, so many red things coming in, fantastic!!

hed said...

Yay! I'll be mucho happy to post a red blog! NO more orange! Lol :)

Hed hed down under

Something Else said...

That is a most fantastic looking red shirt.... love an Asian fishie motif.

Dogstar Bazaar said...

I love red and don't wear it enough, will be looking out for more on my Op Shop detours over the summer.

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