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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Comic book fabric made into cool indie designed clothing and accessories of late:

'Totally Insaney' Comic Book top, $25 made by morosemelonhead

Word balloon tote bag made by HeroFashions

Comic book fashion looks great on the right person, and cool for kids. I have started to make Christmas presents this year out of things I find in op shops, and had an idea to customise a denim jacket for my friends six year old boy.

This jacket I purchased from eBay, which arrived in excellent condition, it hardly looks worn at all (phew, you never know when you buy second hand clothes online!). I didn't expect to find any comic book fabric second hand, but what I did find, is this comic t-shirt originally from Movieworld on the Gold Coast, for $4 in Salvos Mordialloc - perfect!

Plain denim jacket from eBay

+ Movieworld t-shirt from Salvos

I cut up the t-shirt, used some green bias strip from my sewing kit as a border to the comic book image, and stitched all of it onto the back of the jacket.

I only had yellow, green and turquoise blue bias strips, and thought green matched best, what do you think readers? Is the green border too much?

If you were a six year old boy, would you think this is cool?! I'm hoping the answer is yes...


Veronica Darling... said...

GREAT FOR THE KIDS! I reckon my Husbie (who isn't a six year old boy) would even love this!

Jess - My First Bub! said...

Awesome! I can't wait to see what Finn's tastes will be like when he's old enough to care about what he's wearing :)


Anonymous said...

Love this! I may make one of these for my nephew...great idea!

hed said...

I hate when I accidentally click out of a page and my comment gets deleted! I was saying it was super cute and that would look cool on ANYONE! Hed hed down under

Unknown said...

Love it. Right now I'm making matching comic coats for my two dogs! Similar to the tote fabric. Which I also love!

Unknown said...

Nena Nadine - comic coats for dogs? cool! I will have a look at your blog.

Thanks everyone for your feedback with this one, I appreciate it

Eddie said...

Hi Erica Louise
I agree that you don't need to be a 6 year old boy to love this. My husband would too!

Aunty Bee said...

I know 2 "men", aged 18 and 19 who would love this jacket especially if it had any kind of Manga cartoon on the back. I think it's just so cool.

Unknown said...

Manga cartoon fabric.. now that would be cool!!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous fabulous fabulous!
Ally <'v">

Stacey said...

I reckon that jacket looks fab! I love the print from the tee, and the green border goes really well.

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