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Erica's next Op Shop Tour TBC
Erica's next recycled craft workshop will be at Nanna Cool Market on 22 November 2014.  Book HERE

For the past two years, Erica has been leading Melbourne Op Shop Tours. Bayside route

Scheduled or private tours, can be booked through Melbourne Op Shop Tours, alternatively, please contact Erica for further information. Previous blog posts dedicated to Melbourne Op Shop Tours can be found here.

On Saturday 4th August 2012, Erica presented a talk 'upcycle your clothes' at Boronia Library, Melbourne, and is willing to present at future events by request.

Throughout 2012, Erica taught upcycling classes, at LanewayLearning, as well as council run events.

Erica runs recycled craft workshops. Classes include:

Paper Bowls

Demonstrating how to create a bowl from recycled paper, junk mail, newspaper, or magazines. Make a sustainable bowl, big enough to hold your fruit, or small enough to hold your keys. Make as a gift, or keep as a household item for yourself.

Cardboard Beads

Who would have thought, a cereal box would make a beautiful necklace? This class teaches you how to make your own recycled beads which you can make into your very own unique necklace or bracelet.

Upcycled Rosette Brooch

Learn to craft a rosette brooch from scrap pieces of fabric.

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