DIY Refashion

refashion [riːˈfæʃən]
vb (tr)
to give a new form to (something)

I started writing Recycled Fashion, and soon discovered a community of clever, talented people creating their own clothes from existing garments. Soon after, I found Wardrobe Refashion, which really inspired me to start sewing. 

Fashion can be damaging to our environment. The never ending cycle of fashion brings new garments every season, which very soon become out of fashion, and can quickly end up in landfill. By refashioning existing garments, this eliminates the necessity to buy new, and at the same time creates something far more unique and in some ways more interesting than mainstream fashion. 

Being that I am an editor on Refashion Co-op, it seems sensible to dedicate a linky page to my own refashions, DIY projects and garment made from scratch.


Anna said...

That's an awesome line up.

Unknown said...

Thank you Anna!

Unknown said...

Hey, great website! Do you happen to know of anyone who offer refashion-focused sewing classes in Sydney?

I can't sew for crap btw, but I DO have a wardrobe full of stuff that I rarely wear which I'd love to give a "makeover" to if someone would show me how. I feel if I got inspired by the possibilities of refashioning stuff I'd dedicate the time to improve my seamstress skills (presently non-existing, as aforementioned).

It'd be kinda awesome if there was a sewing class for refashioning, but you could also take along sacks of clothing and get ideas from the instructor, and students, on how to work with what you already own. Maybe sewing wouldn't even be necessary in some cases!

Thanks. Carlee

Unknown said...

Hi Carlee, hopefully you received my email late last year with some info on potential Sydney classes?

Sophie Tickell said...
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Tailor Spy said...

Hi Erika
I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog!
I love refashion too!

I'will be glad to welcome you to my refashion blog at


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