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Product Reviews & Giveaways

From time to time giveaways are organised to Recycled Fashion blog readers; some of Erica's own handmade items, but also goods and services by other individuals / organisations.

Image c/o weheartit

Giveaways so far have included:

Necktie owls (own giveaway)
Two passes for Op Shop Tour giveaway c/o MelbourneOpShopTours
Two SAVED t-shirts giveaway c/o DoTheGreenThing
Recycled leather and silk fascinator giveaway c/o Delight Worthyn
Op Shop Guide Victoria giveaway c/o Op Shop Guide Victoria
Upcycled shirt giveaway c/o  Waste Not: Recycled Clothing By Megan Franken. 
Rose Petal Recycled Chandelier Headpiece giveaway c/o Pleasure, Little Treasure
$50 voucher for ethical childrenswear manufacturer c/o Eternal Creations
3 pack bundle sewing pattern / tutorial giveaway c/o LilyGiggle
Love Vintage Show Melbourne ticket giveaway c/o Love Vintage Show
Love Vintage Show Melbourne ticket giveaway c/o Kate and Rose
$45 voucher giveaway for eco-chic label Dewdropz Garden
Chemical Free Bathroom Cleaning Pack giveaway c/o ENJO Australia
Ethical Luxurious Cotton Fisherman's Pants giveaway c/o Marzipants
Pair of environmental Shoes giveaway c/o
Vintage patch giveaway c/o  Vintage-Patch
Gatsby Winter Soiree Melbourne ticket giveaway c/o Astor Productions
Upcycled bottle cap earring giveaway c/o Pretty Caps
Organic Cotton Fair Trade T-shirt giveaway c/o Humanitees
Upcycled denim dress giveaway c/o Re-fashioned
Bamboo fibre vest giveaway c/o Ettitude
$25 voucher for pre-loved designer jeans c/o Behind the Seam
Broken Crockery Pendant giveaway c/o Red Finch Boutique
Pair of natural and recycled rubber "Thongs for Good" c/o Etiko Fairtrade
Fair trade upcycled pipe bracelet giveaway c/o The Base Project
Biscuit tin jewellery giveaway c/o Kate Hamilton-Hunter

If you would like to host a giveaway, the product or service giveaway will be featured, along with images of the item(s), a product description, and links to your store, blog, facebook, twitter, etc.

"I think this giveaway was a huge success - I got tons of likes, follows and views, as well as increased sales! So thank you so much" Quote from Megan of Waste Not after Upcycled shirt giveaway

"I've gone up in facebook likes since this began, so in shock at the response and the kind comments on your blog! What a joy it is to see those!  I HIGHLY recommend doing a giveaway for any aspiring upcycler! "  Quote from Dawn of Dewdropz Garden after her voucher giveaway.

Please email for more web stat information, or to discuss possible collaborations with Recycled Fashion.