Etiko Fairtrade Custom Designed Shoes

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Custom Designed Ethical Shoes by Melbourne Based Etiko 

It's been a while since I've posted anything here on Recycled Fashion. I had a situation where the design of my blog went a little skew-whiff because of a problem with Photobucket backlinks.

Thankfully, Meirav from Webby Web Design helped fix most of the errors and thus here I am, writing again for the old faithful.

I've also been really really busy on side projects like KidTown Melbourne more on that here.

However, I'm back and what better way to revive the blog than to show you a pair of amazing shoes I recently won in a competition via Etiko.

Custom Designed Etiko Fairtrade Kicks
Etiko is a fairtrade, ethical clothing and footwear brand based in Melbourne and is "globally ranked as one of the worlds most ethical fashion brands."

Etiko announced a competition to win a custom designed pair of Etiko kicks, to be hand painted by the very talented artist Claire aka The Little Treasure Company.

I rarely enter competitions to be honest, so I couldn't believe I'd won. I could choose any design I wanted to be painted onto my new kicks, so I chose this:

One shoe to be Melbournifed: the NGV's Great Hall Stained Glass Ceiling, a tram and Flinders Street Station.

The other to be Londonified: city scene with Big Ben and a London Bus, plus a tiny London Underground sign on the back.

I can't tell you how beautiful they are, almost too good to wear.

So I thought I'd show you.

Thank you Etiko and thank you Clare (the artist behind The Little Treasure Company).

What a treat.

Etiko can also be followed on:

Twitter: @etikofairtrade
Instagram: @etikofairtrade

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