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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

In today’s world of fast fashion and throwaway styling, the allure of designs and clothing that stand the test of time is simultaneously getting stronger. Not only do designer pieces usually stand the test of time style-wise, but who can forget the study that came out earlier this year claiming that Chanel handbags have increased in value by more than 70 percent in the past five years? That makes them a better investment than both the stock market and the housing market! Who'd have thought? Although this research should probably be taken with a grain of salt, it does still give you something to think about – namely that when it comes to fashion, second hand is most certainly not second best.

Fashion-savvy shoppers have known for years that buying second hand, high-end designer goods is a smart way to not only own the item of your dreams, but to own it at a fraction of its original cost. In Europe, shopping pre-loved designer is commonplace, but it’s a concept that has been slow to start here in Australia. Ex-pat Parisian Claire Grego was used to buying hard to find designer pieces through second hand channels, and it was the inability to do the same once she arrived in Sydney that lead her to launch Revoir, an online marketplace for second hand designer goods specifically catering to the Australian market.

Hailing from France, and a true Parisian, Claire has always been a keen follower of fashion, with a strong sense of personal style and a firm belief in investing in quality over ‘disposable’ fashion. Claire runs Revoir with the core beliefs that style and quality are timeless; that Australians deserve a premium shopping experience for premium goods, even when second hand; and that reuse is key to a sustainable future and to preserving the quality of eternally stylish pieces.

“Spending most of my life in Paris, shopping pre-loved designer goods is something that is second nature – but I found that this was not the case in Australia. I wanted to create a marketplace where women could sell the items they no longer wear or use, and where lovers of designer can source difficult to find pieces, as well as great-priced designer style,” Claire says. Revoir joins a booming industry – one of the fastest growing segments in retail, and one that looks set to reach $25 billion by 2025.

 Claire Grego - Revoir

For many of us, classic designer fashion can be daunting – and expensive – which is why pre-loved high end can be such a great way to shop. Sites such as Revoir, which specialize in pieces from the most coveted international fashion houses, work closely with authentication specialists to ensure that not only are the goods in good condition, but that they’re also legitimate.

Purely by nature of where the vast majority of designer goods reside – ie Europe - some of the best high-end second hand shopping for those of us in the southern hemisphere is done online. is Australia’s very own second-hand designer marketplace, but the likes of Vestiaire Collective has a large selection of pre-owned high-end goods, and the size of its online shopping community means that thousands of new listings are posted each week. Regardless of where you choose to shop for your pre-loved fashion and designer goods, be vigilant when it comes to authenticity. If you’re paying for designer, make sure you’re getting designer – and any pre-loved store worth its Chanel should be providing you with an authentication guarantee.

If second hand designer labels is your fashion preference, head over to Revoir to see what's for sale here, or follow all the latest news on Facebook.


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