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Thursday, July 28, 2016

If there's a Stranger Things Fan Club, I'm in. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, stop reading this blog post, switch on Netflix and watch the entire Stranger Things series now.. then come back here and see what I've found!

c/o imdb

Those that know me well, will confirm I don't watch a lot of TV.  It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I prefer movies, and rarely find a TV series that holds my attention. The last TV series I enjoyed was (still is) The Big Bang Theory, other than that, I'll go back as far as Sex and The City (yes, I know!)

Some folk speak of Stranger Things being reminiscent of 80s classics such as Stand By Me, ET, mixed with the X-Files, Poltergeist, and Steven King movies. Well that sparked an interest! Stranger Things is exactly that, and more. The American supernatural science fiction horror TV series is set in 1980s Indiana. A boy mysteriously goes missing, and his Mother (played by Winona Ryder no less) and his brother, do everything they can to find him.. but things get very strange indeed.

Binge watching the entire series of Stranger Things is completely understandable!  Not only does the series bring back great things we love about the 80s; Dungeons and Dragons, walkie talkies, bandanas, rotary telephones, puffer vests and hanging out with your mates on BMX bikes, but this TV series is addictive, in a good way, because of the plot and great cast.

There's no point talking about the plot, because that spoils it for those that haven't seen it yet (if you haven't, why are you reading this far? Turn off your computer and turn ON your TV!). But, because Stranger Things is quite rightly on its way to reaching cult status, I thought I'd turn to Etsy and see if there are any creative Stranger Things goodies to be found .. yes there is, here's what I found:

By littletinyghost

By The MilitariaShop

Sticker set by dreamlikefilm

by woeandshucks

Also a special mention for this amazing artwork by Matt Ferguson:

by Matt Ferguson

That's just the start.

Have you watched the series yet?  Will you join me in the Stranger Things Fan Club?



Gail said...

SPOILER ALERT!!!! I loved the series as well and really hope there's a season two. My only disappointment is Hopper's betrayal of El. He smiled at the end when he left her the food - as if he was okay with what he did. Any thoughts?

Unknown said...

Gail - interesting. I think he smiled because he knows El is still alive and well... possibly?

Unknown said...

Maybe he is smiling because he is going for her? Because he just knows she's alive or something? ( I can't wait for season 2 )

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