Womens Fashion Items From The Past That Never Date

Friday, May 13, 2016

Do you ever look at fashion pieces of yester-year and wonder why they didn't stick around?  I know I do. Every decade of the past has left something for us to embrace into the 21st century, although the majority choose not to wear old fashion.

The following, from the 1920s through to the 1970s are my personal picks of women's fashion items that never date. I wonder if you agree?

1920s: Flapper Dresses

Image: Lady Bohemia Vintage on Etsy

The Great Gatsby bought 1920s fashion back into the limelight again, with those gorgeous 1920s flapper dresses complete with stunning beadwork and sequins. 1920s was the decade when fashion trends saw an upturn. Flapper dresses were part of a new modern era.  Matched with long pearl necklaces and feathered headwear, flapper dresses forever hold onto the glamour of a bygone time.

1930s: Cloche hats
Angelina Jolie wearing a cloche hat in Changeling
Bell-shaped cloche hats never seem to go out of fashion.  Invented Caroline Reboux in 1908, cloche hats didn't really reach the limelight until the 1920s and 1930s. The name “cloche” is derived from the french word “bell”.  In 1960s and late 1980s, these hats were reinvented with a buttoned brim. Then, again in 2007, many designers added cloche in their collection.

1940s: Tailored women's suits

Classic 1940s suit seen via ChatterBlossom Vintage
Classic 40s suits scream style and class.  One might say, the early power suit?  This vintage look comprises of a suit skirt and a jacket stayed popular due to being comfortable and practical. In 1947, plain A-Line skirts with pleats became popular, too. 

1950s: one-piece swimsuits and Converse Chuck Taylors

1950s Swimwear seen via Vintage Dancer

Less is more?  I don't think so!  Throw me a 1950s bathing suit over a string bikini anyday! Swimsuits or bathing suits from 1950s were designed to add stretch to the tummy area and were used with bra cups and even boning.  I am sure you will agree, vintage bathers flatter the majority of female shapes, and add a certain femininity and glamour to our beaches.

Converse All Stars aka Chuck Taylors (sneakers), in my humble opinion, have not dated one bit.  It's funny as I'm writing this, I'm actually wearing pair of thrifted Converse boots!  Although Converse is close to a century old, it wasn't until the 1950s that Converse Chuck Taylors moved from athletic wear to mainstream fashion.  Since then, these classic kicks haven't faltered through fashion history. Long live the beloved Converse.

Vintage Converse seen via Pinterest

1960s: GoGo boots (knee high)

London models wearing Ossie Clark seen via EcoSalon
If you're a fan of  knee high boots, you will do doubt appreciate Go-Go boots of the 60s.  Knee high boots with short skirts were the thing to to wear back in the day, and you can see why.

1970s: Flares and platforms

Not just a style reserved for the women, men rocked flares (or bell bottoms) and platforms just as much as the ladies in the 70s.  The late and great Bowie for instance:

David Bowie rocking flares and platforms in the 70s

Flares are still loved by women around the world, and the iconic platform shoe is arguably the best footwear to wear with them.  Such a winning combo.

There's a lot to be said for the amalgamation of true vintage with contemporary, and thus it would be good to see some of the aforementioned women's trends incorporated into today's fashion.  Which picks are your favorites?   What fashion items from the past do you think never date?



Kezzie said...

I agree with all of these!!!

Patti said...

Chuck Taylors forever! I love the fitted dresses/suits of the 40's. xox


Pam @Threading My Way said...

Wish I still had my 1960's knee high boots and my 1970's Converse shoes. Our Converse shoes were called gym boots, by us at least. Don't know that I'll ever wear bell bottoms and platform shoes, though.

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