Why Fashion From Recycled Aluminum Can Make Such A Statement

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Recycling different materials from plastic to paper and turning them into beautiful fashion pieces, has become a new vision in the fashion industry. And people like me, who care about recycling and green, sustainable lifestyles are happy to see that fashion, too, is starting to change and care more about the effects it has on the environment.

Soft recyclables aren’t the only materials that can be used to make recycled fashion, different metals like aluminum, are becoming used as raw materials for fashion masterpieces.

:: Ellie Mücke Project Upcycle Padma Petalz Dress. See more here ::

Even if it seems that aluminum can recycling could be a hard and long process it actually is the opposite. Aluminum is a metal so it can be melted down and recycled into new aluminum cans again and again, letting us save energy and different resources like electricity because it takes much less energy to recycle aluminum than to make it a new. And that also means that any clothing made from aluminum also can be recycled again into either new aluminum products like soda cans or new clothing.

:: Nancy Judd of Recycle Runway embellished this incredible aluminum drop dress using soda cans ::

Because aluminum is a naturally shiny and light reflective material, it can be used to make things like sequins or embroideries that often are metallic colors, and made from shiny materials. These details can be added to any clothing making it a little fancier, as well as a little more sustainable because these aluminum details won’t rust, and probably won’t break as easily as regular sequins, which are usually are made from plastic or paper.

Aluminum also can be a great material to use to make different jewelry. Weather you prefer cuffs or dainty bracelets, earrings or necklaces with interesting pendants, aluminum is the perfect recycled material to use to make them, because it will be sturdy enough so that your jewelry won’t easily come apart. Aluminum but also offers enough elasticity so that you can mold the pieces in different shapes and designs and make your own unique accessories.

:: Upcycled Beer Can Necklace made by The Beaded Iris ::

If want to go all out you can even make full on dresses, tops and skirts from aluminum that really enforces the idea of recycled fashion. It might seem that these clothing pieces would be stiff and uncomfortable to wear, however if you make them in the right way, they can be as comfy as your favorite pair of jeans. Who doesn’t like comfortable clothing that makes a statement?

:: Upcycled soda tab chain-mail skirt seen on Craftster ::

Even men’s fashion can benefit from recycled aluminum fashion pieces. A lot of men use ties or bowties to spice up their daily wardrobe and they too can be made using recycled aluminum. Because aluminum is available in different colors (think Coca-Cola, Sprite and Fanta cans that each are in different color) and in different densities you can use these aluminum can characteristics to make unique ties and bowties that will be sure to distinguish you from the rest of the crowd of men in ties and bowties.

:: Upcycled soda can bow tie made by Creative Thinking ::

Your accessories will look cool and visually interesting but also because they will be a great conversation starter about recycled fashion and sustainable lifestyle.

Guestpost written by Jeremy of DoRecycling.com.

Images sourced and credited by Erica.

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