Upcycled Spring Racing Outfit by Jess Colman

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Melbourne Fashion Institute design student Jess Colman, debuted her unique upcycled Spring Racing outfit to the public at the Melbourne Cup yesterday.

Spring racing carnival outfits are a bit of a big deal, with many folk opting to buy fancy frocks and matching headwear pieces to wear specifically for the occasion.  Jess Colman challenged the common notion of buying a new dress for the races, and instead put together an outfit using clothes already in circulation.

Jess pieced together an outfit for her friend Victoria Jancke, using items purchased at Savers recycle superstore, reworking them into something far more unique than your every day off-the-rack frock.

:: L - Jess Colman  R - Victoria Jancke ::

Victoria entered this year's Fashions on the Field wearing Jess's reworked design, and featured in the Herald Sun's best dressed photo gallery as an outfit that stood out from the crowd.

Let's hope Jess Colman's design inspires others to refashion outfits to wear to the races in years to come!

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Patti said...

Love this upcycled look - and the philosophy of recycling too, natch! xo

Flora Fascinata said...

This is fabulous! She looks gorgeous and it is expertly designed and finished!!! Truly 'up cycled'!

Agy said...

Love the look - and it looks stylish too!

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