The Great Handkerchief Comeback

Friday, February 6, 2015

The following guest post is written by Marion, co-founder of TSHU

Today, I’d like to tell you why I think the handkerchief is about to make a great comeback, with 6 excellent reasons why:

Be prepared for anything. Having a handkerchief on you means you will always be ready to deal with the unexpected. Spill some coffee? Forgot to grab napkins with that sandwich? Suffering from the heat? Feeling emotional? Submitted to your toddler’s impromptu tantrum and left to pick up the pieces? Affected by seasonal allergies? Sniffling because of a cold? Pull out your handkerchief and save the situation with style.

Every Day Handkerchiefs
Photo by Daniel Bernard

Chivalry. Now, this is one that does not only apply to men. There’s an old saying that one must always carry two handkerchiefs: one for show, and one for blow. Indeed, keep the one you have been using (no matter how) and be ready to offer a clean hanky to the less clever one (aka those who don’t carry a handkerchief around and are facing unexpected messes).

Practicality.We have already covered the unexpected aspect, but having a soft, absorbent cotton handkerchief is also practical. You may not be comfortable blowing your nose at all times, but if you are outdoors in cold rainy weather, enjoy outdoor sports such as skating or skiing, or if you love to bike in the heat or train outdoors in warm weather, you will instantly see the benefits of being able to mop the sweat off your brow or wiping your nose without having your tissue disintegrate.

TSHU Moshe (two-ply)
Photo by Jimmi Francoeur

Environment. That is an easy one. Do you have any idea what kind of waste goes into producing, commercialising and using paper tissues? Every year, more than 3 billion kilos of paper tissues are used and wasted. That is the equivalent of 70 million trees. Just think of how many trees you can save by opting for handkerchiefs?

TSHU Ian & TSHU Andy
Photo by Jimmi Francoeur

Style. Of course, any piece of cloth can do the job, but you can also decide to show others proudly that you are making a statement for the environment. Choose a colourful, bold handkerchief you love – that way you will actually want to carry it around and pull it out in front of others! Handkerchiefs can even work as practical pocket squares – a stylish addition to the suit yet practical if need be.
Are you ready to adopt a handkerchief?

TSHU Elvis
Photo by Jimmi Francoeulr


About Marion

Photo by Daniel Bernard
Creative, passionate and determined, Marion loves to travel, adores sushi and enjoys a good dry martini. She has three boys who keep her feet on the ground. Marion loves new challenges and immediately dive into a new universe and make it her own. In the past, Marion studied painting and drawing as well as art history, managed cultural organizations, worked in communications, coordinated big and small events and worked as part of teams which launched large scale projects. Now, Marion dream of changing the world, one handkerchief at a time.. through TSHU.

Learn more about TSHU:

1. The TSHU Commitment: one tree planted for each handkerchief sold.

For each hanky sold, TSHU will plant one tree.

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Patti said...

Wonderful post, Erica, you've got me considering my tissue usage. xo

Agy said...

The thing about handkerchiefs is that you need to make sure they are cleaned well, and sunned to kill the germs. If they aren't laundered properly then you would be harbouring germs in your hanky!

Lisa Delbeke said...

Love the idee for scraps of fabric!

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