TireFlops: a Fashionable and Sustainable Footwear Solution

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

There are many companies contributing to a greener world, and one such innovative organisation that got in touch via email recently, is GomaVial based in Spain.

These guys recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter; the popular American-based crowdfunding website. The project aims to get the necessary funding to launch a recycled footwear range: TireFlops; high tech sandals with upcycled tyre (or tire for our US and Canadian readers) outsoles.

TireFlops are the result of one year of research and development by GomaVial’s team; mainly chemists and engineers. The company has developed and patented a new technology to treat used tyres by deconstruction. Through deconstruction, the tyre tread can be obtained in full, retaining its physical, chemical and mechanical properties. And since no melting is involved, environmentally unfriendly and energy costly processes such as grinding or incinerating can be avoided.

TireFlops have three elements:

* A vulcanised rubber strap, higher in elasticity than the traditional PVC ones, which means extra grip and comfort.

* Specially formulated EVA to reduce sliding when in contact with water, balanced to allow comfortable walking.

* The tyre tread outsole; the key element in the design, encompasses maximum durability and grip on dry or wet surfaces.

GomaVial was founded in 2010 by three young engineers and entrepreneurs, and from the very beginning, has developed innovative and high tech products and materials, by upcycling car tyres, for a greener and more sustainable world. The company has received many awards for their contribution to technology and sustainability.

With just a few weeks to go, GomaVial's TireFlops project needs your support!  Head over to Kickstarter to pledge, here.

*Disclaimer* This blog post is by no means sponsored or paid, I simply wanted to spread the word on what will be a great upcycling initiative; fashioning old tyres into footwear.


Bobbi said...

Those are great! I don't wear flip flops, but I'm always interested in tire recycling.

Samantha said...

Wow, this is ingenious!

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