Cake, Snakes and Heights

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another year has passed and the RF household reached another birthday milestone with the eldest turning 6, and Mr RF and I turning ...another year older. This year undoubtedly proved to be a tad different from previous birthday celebrations.

Deciding to go with something different for Mr 6's birthday party, we hired Animals of Oz to entertain the kids and it turned out to be the best decision we had made. Animals of Oz host Jesse introduced the children to a blue tongue lizard, frilly lizard, a baby croc, a Kookaburra, a python, a bat, two possums and a frog.

Mr 6 wore his gifted Indiana Jones outfit (second hand from eBay) which suited his role as 'Assistant Ranger' perfectly. After the frog wee'd on his Indiana Jones shirt, he changed into his Indiana Jones tee (also second hand from eBay) with the rather ironic caption "I Hate Snakes" - amusing when holding a python with a grin on his face!

I had a turn holding Tinkerbell (the python's name) too. I think Tinkerbell approved of my op shopped outfit.

:: Birthday Snake Cuddles ::
A great night followed, celebrating with friends, eating lots of cake and being completely spoiled with great gifts including this cute glass cake plate from pal ILoveToOpShop:

:: Thrifty Glass Cake Stand ::

The following day we ventured up to the top of Eureka Tower, to Eureka Skydeck 88 which is the highest observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere. No big deal you might think, except I'm afraid of heights!  I did it though, even ventured out onto the Edge - a glass cube with transparent floor, which projects 3 metres out from the side of the building. Terrifying? Yes. Great views though.

Another year gone and a few ticks off the bucket list.  What else can I squeeze in before the big 30+10?!


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Patti said...

So brave! You conquered snakes and heights in a weekend. Your son is adorable in his Indy shirt. xox

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